I had a great time at PAX East 2015! I met creators “State of Decay”, Undead Labs and mcfrontalot for the second year in a row, tried out a virtual reality game, interviewed Harmonix for Rock Band 4 for my school news paper, got a selfie with markiplier and got inspirational advice on how to make comics by katiejrice, smalllindsay and alexbutera! Ladies and gentlemen, I promise you that you will be seeing some of my comic “Fanchild”, a story of a 24 year old college student trying to spread the joys of video gaming by annoying his friends. It is going to be a busy spring break, but you will be seeing some of my sketch work for now. I want to thank you guys for encouraging me, and it will be the video game version of Zits! Keep making your great comics, music, and cartoons, and I hope to see you guys again next year!  


At Pax Prime last year, my buddy thatjerkrmed got Katie Rice, THE katiejrice, to draw up Gabbie. My Gabbie! DRAWN BY KATIE RICE. squeaksqueak

and my first instinct was to ink and color it, but I suppressed it. 

I stopped suppressing it. 

thanks Matt for showing me the great draw, and thanks Katie for drawing it! it really made my day when I saw this. made up for not being able to attend!! 

You should be reading Katie’s new comic, Camp Weedonwantcha, which launched TODAY.

Hello and welcome to the first ever strip of the new series: “Fan Child”. The story is about a college student named Eric Fortmeyer, as he annoys his friends with the latest pop culture. Our adventure begins with Eric watching a video of two super star fighters battling to the death! He then shows the video to his friend, and ends up finding surprising results. I am busy finishing my final semester in college, but there will be more on the way soon. Thanks for viewing!

katiejrice This one is for you, and I would like to thank you for giving me ideas. I will keep on practicing, and make more comics.