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So..I know this is really random. But I saw American Hustle last night for the first time (I know, totally late to the party) anyways, you were amaxeballs and I have such a girl crush on you! Not in a weird way--but in a super cool, totally normal way! I just wanted to let you knowwww! #TEAMGALETHOFUCKPETA

People still watch that movie? It’s so 2013, ugh— I KID. This is super cool and totally normal and you’re super cool and totally normal!! #YOUWINATLIFEBRO

#Repost from @lashaunprescott with @repostapp —- @ElleNYTT Femme Funk class with @katiec2102
TONIGHT 7:30 p.m.
Cascade Studios

Ladies we’re gonna cause a scene tonight!
(868) 391-ELLE (3553) for info
@socialkmedia #FemmeFunk #ElleNYTT #KatieC #CascadeStudios

Photography by @mrlightborne

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I may not be back for a while. 

Today at 5 am my dad passed away. I need to be with my family. I have a kik, aim you can message me for them, and I’ll give them to you. 

I love you all, but I need a break from everything. I don’t know how long this break will last. 

I may tomorrow build a queue. 

Love always