The rainbow direction participation of myself, reveriestar, zayngotnoass and Hannah for the Jakarta show, supporting and encouraging safe spaces for all. It was very lovely. Callie brought Duffy too and had a photoshoot with the rainbow cut-out hearts~ A lil gutted that I wasn’t able to capture the rainbow squad in Singapore. Next time, perhaps! :D


Watch this 40 minute short film, Acceptance, which is a true story about a scholar from India who lies about getting into Harvard, this leads him into a different life of VIP clubs. This movie was shot at my old school, UWCSEA East Campus and I watched it last night, and it it honestly a movie that has really opened my mind and encouraged me to work for my future and learn more about consequences of one lie or one mistake.

Kylie out in West Hollywood

What faces don’t tell us

by Isa

I’m sure you will by now have heard of the expression that ‘first impressions count’ but have you ever asked yourself why it’s so important to make a good first impression or the impacts of what happens when we don’t? Whilst the old adage states we should never judge a book by its cover, when we meet other people for the first time we instantly judge them and more often than not jump to conclusions that will determine our behaviour towards that person we instantaneously ‘think’ we know.

With only one look we conclude someone’s personality traits, personal values and main features of that individual’s character. But are those assessments accurate?

Studies have shown that the more physically attractive a face is perceived by an observer, the more conscientious, open to experience, and extraverted it’s believed a person to be for both male and females. But this bias is just based on outward appearances and perceived attractiveness, on a full assessment this isn’t necessarily the case. First impressions can be misguiding. You meet a person for the first time who unbeknown to you has been stuck in traffic on the way to work for an hour. This leads to frustrations and anger on their part and the first time you meet them their manner is stern and short. Our brains instantly label their personality as someone who might be difficult and we struggle to warm to them. What we don’t know is that on any other day the very same person who hasn’t got stuck in traffic is perceived by others to be one of the warmest, friendliest people they know but your first impression has lead to a negative behavioural bias based on that first impression.

So don´t forget when you meet someone take time to talk that person before you judge them. Take time to fill in the information the brain thinks it knows but frequently is wide of the mark. It´s much more accurate and can lead to great surprises.

In the following exhibit we will show you a series of faces and ask you to consider how your own preconceived biases effect how you judge that person based solely on their looks. Think about how easily you could miss someone’s intelligence just because you perceive their personality and character traits solely on their looks. Above all, remember it’s just for fun.