• A Cautious User:I'm not sure about #transtakover... isn't it just copying #Blackout?
  • Me:Copying? Well, more like following the movement. TransTakeover is not meant to illegitimize Blackout, but rather follow suit. Blackout was meant to be a day of positivity and spreading black beauty as a standard of beauty, preaching that not all standards of beauty had to coalign with the white/western standard. Transtakeover is supposed to be something similar- supporting the beauty and body positivity of all trans individuals and not just the “passing” trans. Lord knows, I’m not passing (im often just mistaken for a lesbian) so its important for people like me to spread body positivity for people who have less confidence- to become a role model and to outwardsly say “If youre confident in who you are and claim your identity then there will always be beauty in you!”
  • Perhaps I’m biased, but I think TransTakeover is a good thing. It’s keeping the body positivity movement going in a way it should. Days like TransTakeover and Blackout are different from other body positivity posts/moveents because it doesnt put anyone down and its not stoking any fire. Many of the “support black girls/trans girls/ brown boys/ trans boys/etc” posts out there get messages like “Well why not this other group” or “well I dont see why you have to go out of your way to point out a problem” or a number of problematic, fight-starting comments. theres NONE of that involved in these days- it’s not fighting an opinion directly, it’s ACTUALLY doing good.
  • Days like this let people revel in the beauty of diversity by practicing what they preach. Theres no argument to it, people are just positively loving themselves and each other and building a social support system and strengthening ideas of acceptance and equality. I like it because its an action being practiced where nobody feels put down or hurt, its nothing but positive. I look forward to seeing more days like this supporting Asian people, middle-eastern people, southern-american people and just all sorts of appreciative days to help everyone feel unified and individual.

Whoever set that trap—they’re—they’re coming, but um…I have good news—We uh, we do. We have a…a community not too far from here. Walls. Electricity. It’s safe, uh, if you’d like to come join us — No, thank you.


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