“One day, I noticed this girl. She was really shy and sweet. I went up to her, and she told me her name. And she was Chris’ daughter. All of the clues fell into place. You had to be a little bit of a detective, and when I figured it out, I was incredibly moved: ‘Interstellar’ is a letter to his daughter.”  — Jessica Chastain



My sexuality has always been confusing for me - I think around the age of 15 was when I started to realize I wasn’t straight like I’d been raised to believe was the only right way. Raised in the deep south, I’ve always been told that everyone who isn’t cis/straight will be sent to hell, but I believe in a God much kinder than that. One that will open their arms to everyone, of every identity. It’s been three years now that I started identifying as pansexual, and I could not be happier knowing that I am free to love who I love with no strings attached. I’m happy to know that I have the most lovely lad at my side who shares the same love of all that I do.

I’m visible, and I am not alone.