ok selfies story time

top left: i bought myself a silly shower robe and it’s amazing bc i can look decent around the house w/o actually putting clothes on

top middle: it was 5 am I just dropped off my mom to the bus stop and im at the park getting ready to do some exercise but it was raining so why not take a selfie oops there’s a stranger at the other side of the park wow that’s awkward

top right: i just finished my first day at my first job ever and my wardrobe is filled with blue tops I didn’t sign up for this percy jackson

bottom left: hello yes basic training is finally done but wait I didn’t graduate bc I suck at pt thanks battle buddy for bringing us to ihop with your ssg. dad it was scary but he’s cool and it’s my first ihop meal ever

bottom middle: ah yes living the pseudo “im a broke college kid” life except im not in college and I get paid to study so stop screwing around kathleen get your life together

bottom right: hello boston I didn’t breathe to take this picture bc I have a huge belly and this silk top makes me look cute right hey are those boobs where did that come from

Team Fortress 2 reading ability (funny fact)

According to “Unhappy Returns” comic and Miss Paulings’ words: nearly half of mercenaries can’t read

I was wondering who exactly can’t)

9/2=4.5 Or 3 or 4 of them. It’s all clear with Soldier and Pyro, but Soldier not only can’t read he can’t even count.

What about 3rd person I have serious suspicions about Demoman. His mother always yelled at him to find a lot of jobs, that’s why it is likely Demoman wasn’t up to the school…

Howbeit for this moment 100% fact: Soldier, Demoman and Pyro can’t read 

darya-tf2-stuff asked:

приветы : ) если реквесты в силе, то прошу сердешно, если будет время: броманс хэви и мед badass, epic, EXPLOSIONS, unicorns, action и ваще-ваще чтоб прям слезы лились X D спасибо за понимание...

Request was about Heavy&Medic bromance. Hope you’ll like it)

larger size


i have to practice more in watercolors and that’s why I’ve decided to make some quick sketches but had no idea what exactly to draw…
Oh yeah, thank you Team Fortress!
And that was a good opportunity to test my new watercolor Koh-i-Noor pencils. Сuriously I’ve received quite a saturated colors.