Pangako sa'yo
Ipaglalaban ko
Sa hirap at ginahawa ang ating pag-ibig
Upang di magkalayo kailanman
Pagka’t ang tulad mo
Ay minsan lang sa buhay ko. ❤️ Yna x Angelo 😍😍😍 PSY 🙌🏼 Ngayong Mayo na 🙏🏼 A love story like no other ❤️ #KathrynBernardo #DanielPadilla #KathNiel #KathNielBernaDilla #KathNielPangakoSayo #PSY #PangakoSayo #YnaMacaspac #AngeloBuenavista 💕

Just Starting

Chapter 2 

Monday, April 26 (1:23 pm - PDT)
Ugh I hate packing. 😭

Tuesday, April 27 (4:24 am - PHT)
I hate packing too. :)))
Long time, no text.

Oops, I wasn’t suppose to text you DJ.
Hi DJ! 
How are you DJ?

I’ve been busy KATH.
Thanks for waking me up KATH.
What are you packing for KATH?

Sometimes I wish I never told you my name.😬
I’m actually packing to go back home to my parents place.

Coming back to Manilaaa??? 🎶
Simply ain’t no place like Manilaaaa..…🎶

Are you 40 or something? My Dad always likes singing that song.

FYI I’m 20
…..And I have a good taste in music. 😎
Where are you anyways?
I know it’s in the U.S. but where exactly?


Sometimes I feel like I don’t have a partner….


Sometimes I feel like my only friend……

Is this some dirty joke DJ??

Is the city I live in, THE CITY OF ANGELS……🎶

I should have expected that, lol.
You sure are in a singing mood today.

It’s fun bugging you. It made my morning. :)))))
And wow. She laughs. 👅
Nice pic too. Are you into photography?

I am. 😊


“Hug, guys, hug! - Tighter!”