Pa-good vibes lang.

Kanina may lolo na humihingi ng dyaryo sa Jollibee. Kaso wala na yung resibo sa kanya kaya hindi alam ni ateng crew kung paano siya itu-turn down ng maayos, may pagkamakulit din kasi si lolo. Syempre di naman natin masisi si ate crew kasi policy nila yun.

So si lolo, lumipat sa kabilang pila. Umaga yun so mahaba talaga ang pila. Heck, kahit saang Jollibee mahaba ang pila. Walang nage-entertain sa kanya kasi, mahaba nga ang pila at kapag walang resibo, walang dyaryo.

Wala lang. Naawa lang ako kay lolo, ayaw niya talaga umalis dun sa counter at sabi sa akin nung ka-opisina ko na kasabay ko nag-lunch na nakapila malapit sa kinatatayuan ni lolo, hindi daw talaga umaalis si lolo. (‘_____ ‘)

Mabuti na lang yung total ng inorder ko eh yung minimum amount para maka-avail ng dyaryo. Ngitian ko si ate crew (same ate crew na nahirapan paliwanagan si lolo) at nanghingi ako ng dyaryo. Inabutan niya ako ng dyaryo at habang kinukumpleto ni ate yung order ko sa tray, nilapitan ko si lolo sa kabilang dulo ng linya…

Ako: Manong… *kalabit*
Lolo: *lingon sa akin*
Ako: Sa inyo na lang po ‘tong dyaryo ko. (o^∀^o)ノ
Lolo: *ngumiti* Bakit iha, ayaw mo ba?
Ako: Wala lang po, mas okay po kung sa inyo na lang. Hehe.
Lolo: Maraming salamat ha.
Ako: Sige po. ~(^◇^)/

Alam mo yung ang gaan lang sa pakiramdam na may nagawa kang thoughtful sa kapwa mo?

Day 09: Something you’re proud of in the past few days

( click for hi-res and names are blurred for security reasons :p)

First time. *u*

I was not really expecting this. Perhaps it was just pure luck, but this made me really happy nevertheless. I never thought that I could be great at something that is not really my original line of interest.

This inspires me more in my work. Yeah!

Ang collage na ito ay binubuo ng mga larawang kinuha mula sa aking limang taong gulang na hardcore na cellphone. Tama ang iyong nabasa. Dahil ayaw pang ipamana sa akin ni itay noon ang kasalukuyan kong gamit na digicam ngayon.

So anong point ko dito? Ang point ko ay, kung anong mayroon muna kayo sa kasalukuyan, maging resourceful kayo. Kahit phone cam lang yan, may mapapala at mapapala kayo. Huwag maliitin ang kakayahan ng phone cam. Kaunting tiyaga sa post-processing, maaari ka ng makapag-produce ng magandang larawan.

Oh di ba. :)

First saw this from Camie and then from Helga. Originally by Sidda. Jumping the bandwagon in 3…2…1…


  • reading SasuSaku fanfictions (excuse my fangirling)
  • writing this post?
  • listening to Closing Time - Semisonic, feeling 90’s-y nostalgic *sighs* those were the days
  • thinking of new ideas for future funshoots, I need to shoot more! and also if it was the right decision to ditch our company’s annual party (even if Parokya ni Edgar will be there huhu)
  • smelling my fingers? (weird) I think I can still smell sushi on it haha
  • wishing that I’ll be more productive (and artsy creative)
  • hoping for a good week ahead
  • wearing gray muscle shirt and green cotton shorts hand-made by my mama
  • loving the homey feel of my own bed
  • wanting to smoke, kind of feeling “bloated” haha :x
  • needing to start working out!
  • feeling okay at the moment
  • clicking from one tab to another on my internet browser

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Yung may mai-post lang. I know I promised I will be posting tons of pictures here soon, I just don’t know where to start. It’s almost December and my backlogs are dated from January 2013 pa, grabe extreme procrastination lang. 

But somehow, I’m happy that I still have readers who appreciate my inane posts here, despite of the not-so-often updates. Thank you talaga. Wala naman masyadong exciting nangyayari sa buhay ko lately, kaya wala ring malagay dito. But if you would like to catch me online, I spend more of my free time lately sa Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

And for a shameless plug, my bestfriend Ghing wrote beautiful words on some of the shots we took from our last funshoot. I really miss her writing and her piece just complements the set. You can check that here.

How about you, how are you today?

Originally by Sidda.


  • reading graphic design blogs
  • writing a list of things that I should be able to accomplish tonight
  • listening to “Ironic” - Alanis Morissete
  • thinking of new designs for my future flower crowns
  • smelling mosquito-killer coils?
  • wishing that it’s payday already, LOL!
  • hoping for a good week ahead
  • wearing white sando and blue plaid shorts
  • loving the long days off
  • wanting more days off haha :x
  • needing to start being productive!
  • feeling alone at the moment, not the lonely type of alone though.
  • clicking from one tab to another on my internet browser

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

If you would like to catch me online, I spend more of my free time lately in FacebookTwitter and Instagram

How about you, how are you today?


[ click the pictures to view larger versions ]

First of all, I would like to congratulate Jash and the rest of Cosplay Network Philippines, Fantasy Quest II was a huge success. Bigatin ang sponsors! Naks! I’m looking forward for part III already. Hopefully it’s going to be in Fernbrook naman! I would also like to thank you guys for allowing me to experience this event. I’m no longer an avid attendee of cons unlike when I was still a college freshman but still, I get giddy whenever there’s an oppurtunity. Thank you for bringing out the “kid” in me, once again.

It was fun and I did get tired, most especially my feet. Ghing, Carlo, Andy and I spent most of our time roaming around the place. We’re so out of loop, we didn’t recognize most of the characters people were cosplaying. I myself was not even sure whether those kawaii girls were actual charaters or they’re just showing-off some lolita or harajuku fashion, IDK. LOL. Still, I admire these people who are very passionate on their craft. They put so much effort in preparing those costumes, wearing them the whole day (ignoring our tropical climate) and that’s it. What’s more heartwarming to see is there are actually parents who are supportive on what they’re doing. I’ve seen several stage moms, hahaha. 

Cons photographers are getting more complicated as the year goes by. It’s intimidating, haha. Ang uso ngayon: they bring equipment (external flashes, umbrella, reflectors, soft boxes, etc…) with them on the actual event, set these up in one place and presto! They have an instant outdoor studio. All they have to do is invite a cosplayer and tadaaa! Instant photoshoot. Maaaaaaaaan, I’m envious with their set ups. Some even have ladders with them, buwis buhay ang pagshu-shoot. I commend these people’s dedication too!

Fernwood Garden is…enchanting. I love the place, it’s a nice place for formal events like debut, proms and most especially weddings. Too bad some parts of Fernwood were restricted so we were not able to explore much and have our own photo ops.

To sum it up, eventhough I hate crowded places, I could say that this is my kind of con. Cosplayers, photographers and appreciators are just chillin’, it’s not your usual con (I don’t even consider this a convention to begin with) where there are contests for best cosplayers or best group cosplayers and whatnot. CNPh are really one-heck-of-team to be able to pull this off amazingly. *hats off, slow clap*

Till next time. See you next year, perhaps?


* I still suck in terms of event photography. Those awkward framing and cropping, huhuhu. I’m too shy to approach people!!!


Originally by Sidda.


  • reading old Facebook messages
  • writing this post, duh :p
  • listening to Jasmine Thompson’s covers in YouTube
  • thinking of updating my other Tumblr and 500px
  • smelling pizza! 
  • wishing that I’ll wake up early tomorrow because I don’t want to catch the rush hour
  • hoping that I’ll be able to spend my remaining 2-day off productively 
  • wearing grey shirt and my highschool sweat pants
  • loving the Manila urban streets!
  • wanting more days off haha :x
  • needing to start working on that waaaay overdue flower crown!
  • feeling contended
  • clicking from one tab to another on my internet browser

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

If you would like to catch me online, I spend more of my free time lately in Facebook

How about you, how are you today?