Woah. It was an awesome episode. Finally they showed us him feeding his blood to her. The way Kai died was brutal but im glad he did die. Damon put Bonnie first is what i have been waiting for.
To @ninadobrev it was a pleasure watching you play Elena, Katherine, Tatia and Amara. You were wonderful and they chose the right person to play Elena and etc. Im gonna miss you playing Katherine and Elena. I hope you have a great future ahead of you.

To @michaeltrevino it was amazing watching you play werewolf. I hope to see you in the next season as a guest star. You’ll be missed and you were a wonderful actor and i hope you have a great future ahead of you.

BAMON NEXT SEASON!!!!!. BAMON FOREVER!!!. YOU’LL BE MISS NINA AND MICHAEL!!! #bamon #goodbyeElena @iansomerhalder @katgrahampics #thevampirediaires #tvdfamily #tvdseason6 #elenagilbert #bonniebennett #damonsalvatore #iansomerhalder #katgraham #goodbyeElenaMichael

The Vampire Diaries season 7!

hey everybody! i just found a new JP interview where she talks about tvd 7!
here’s the link if someone understands italian 
anyway, i’m gonna do my best to translate the interview:
 The Vampire Diaries season 6 has been aired and we got to see the exit of one of the most important characters, Elena Gilbert played by Nina Dobrev. So, Julie Plec started talking about next season and also reminds Elena:

“The girls’ tears were real, all of them loved Nina and was almost impossible to stop them; speaking of the future we categorically exclude the possibility of a return of Elena, as the characters learn to move forward, especially Damon.
We focused our attention on Caroline and Bonnie who will have a major role in the next season, they’ll be more important, but it wasn’t intentional, rather their stories have joined our work.
We don’t know if new characters will be introduced, we already have very talented and valid actors who play interesting characters, and a new character won’t be able to fill the void left by Elena. They will probably do it by themeselves.

This interview is recent and interesting i think ;)