katgrahampics: I have spent the past six years of my life with these two women. So many life changes so many milestones. To shoot our final scene as a trio yesterday was one of the most heartbreaking and beautiful things I’ve ever experienced. I am grateful for them as well as Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson for bringing us strangers together…there will never be another cast as close as us. PHOTO BY @chrisgrismer #TVD


“My biggest concern with Go Fug Yourself and all of these other people is … if you’re bullying someone online, my fans are going to click on your thing — and my fans are young,” says Graham. “I don’t want by them seeing someone else writing crap that they think that it’s okay to do that to other people. Even if [bloggers] think, ‘The world’s not going to come to an end if I talk about Kat Graham’s terrible leggings,’ it’s more than that,” she says. “You’re creating a precedent for behavior that really is unacceptable. And you know what? If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all — because you don’t want me to come for you,” she adds with a laugh. (x)

Black & White Zigzag Beanie

When I first saw Kat Goldin’s Lake’s Edge Hat on her blog “Slugs on the RefrigeratorHERE, I loved the zigzag look and was curious to see how this effect was achieved.  As I glanced through the pattern, I saw that it was surprisingly simple, and it came with a handy “how to read the pattern guide” showing what each round meant in case people were unfamiliar with crochet terminology or how to read patterns.  

This hat is worked bottom up, and the ribbing is created by starting with foundation double crochets.  I had previously seen a tutorial by Tamara of Moogly showing how to do the foundation double crochet (see HERE), but I had never come around to actually trying it out.  Since this pattern specifically called for it, I thought now was the perfect chance to learn!  I practiced with pink yarn since it can be hard seeing which stitches you are working in using black yarn.  After trying it out and getting the hang of it, I LOVED this technique as you can skip the series of chain stitches and work the chain stitches and Round 1 all at the same time!  We all know how hard getting your crochet hook into chain stitches can be, and it is always frustrating when you end up with the incorrect length- instead of frogging your work and starting over, you can determine your length as you go using this method.  It also results in a much stretchier edge which is important for hats as the traditional chained edge can be very restrictive.  I highly recommend checking this technique out and learning how to do it HERE as it’s a game-changer!  I posted the photo below to Instagram and was delighted to hear that many of you love using the foundation single and double crochet as well!

After the foundation double crochet and ribbing is finished, you get to begin the fun ric rac pattern!  I decided to use black and white yarn for a modern and contemporary look- I had Lion Brand Yarn’s Vanna’s Choice on hand, so that’s what I used.  Kat provides the pattern for 6 different sizes, and I went with the 6-12 month old hat since I was making this for a friend’s baby boy to wear this upcoming fall and winter.  Kat also provides both the UK and US patterns as downloads!

To add a fun pop of colour, I made a mustard-coloured pom pom using my Clover Pom Pom Maker!  At first I used the smaller pom pom maker (the set comes with two sizes), but the resulting pom pom looked too small when I placed it atop the beanie.  Thus, I ended up using the larger pom pom maker, and I think that oversized pom poms look really cute on baby and toddler hats!  I must say that my Clover Pom Pom Maker has been such a great buy as I have put it to use so many times!

Here is the finished black and white zigzag beanie!  It’s very striking, isn’t it?  It has a very modern and stylish look to it and it will match with any outfit!

This hat was for a little boy, and I also made a black and white beanie for a little girl using a very simple pattern that I made up- you can read the full post and access the free pattern for this beanie HERE!  

Do check out Kat Goldin’s free pattern for her “Lake’s Edge HatHERE!  It’s easy to follow and the results are awesome!  The sky’s the limit for the different colour combinations you could use for the zigzag pattern and for the pom pom!  Have fun!

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I feel like a blow fish, so puffy and bloated from crying all day. Tears of joy&sadness. Bittersweet. So many memories. What a fun ride… #TVDFamily 😭💖👯😃🙅😍💥👍🙏👎😭❤️❤️❤️ Beyond lucky and grateful to have had this experience and to have you in my life. Like CandyCola likes to say/her go to phrase😜… #Blessed 

Kat Graham just followed me and a bunch of Bonkai shippers on twitter!!!!!!!!

A lot of my Bonkai friends and myself on twitter just got followed by Kat.

Im fucken cryinggggggggg!!!!!
And celebrating!!

And we are obvious shippers too because we either have Bonkai in our username or tweeted Kat Bonkai stuff.

I know this doesn’t mean much as far as Bonkai being canon is concerned, but I just think it’s cool that she randomly follows Bonkai shippers.



Ok can we take a minute to notice he put XO (hugs and kisses) and the wine glass emoji. They were def on some sort of date… Alone it looks like.
And i wonder if his “sorry” comment is a hint that Kai is still coming back apolegetic? And not evil like everyone thinks?

Well sorry i dissect everything. They dont call us the sherlock fanbase for nothing.