Even if we're separated, our hands are still connected,
In the shining smiles that I want to protect,
(守りたい笑顔 眩しさに)
We that stand out
Are family, family
(そう ファミリー ファミリー)

To the Promised Land (約束の場所へ) - The Vongola Famiglia

katekyo hitman reborn handwriting
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happy birthday loser tsuna! ♡  → october 14
You came into my life as a story, you left as a legend.


My kindness, is not weakness.
My confidence is not arrogance.
My tough shell is easily broken.
My light heart is also sincere.
My innocence is not ignorance.
My compassion, spreads hope.
My bravery, is never foolish.
My weakness is my strength.
My past, does not define me.
My mistakes, can only make me stronger.
My life, is not a game.
My calm hides a storm.

Inspired by x.