I met this girl once. Her name was Kate Ellis. I thought she looked exactly like Taylor Swift even though she's only 22, but she couldn't see it herself. She said she was from Savannahthe daughter of an elite man that she couldn't wait to escape. I'm not sure what it was about her, but I can't forget her. 

Kate was born into a life that was plastered with perfect smiles, boring benefits, and luxurious vacations. Her family was original to Savannah. One of the towns most visited squares even had their name attached to it. Her father was in the oil business and her mother was a true southern belle, prim and proper. Kate grew up under the influences of what money can buy and it was a very comfortable life, or so it seemed. Behind it all, she was miserable. She didn’t care about the black tie events or the way that she was looked at because of her last name. She didn’t want it. She wanted something new and unfamiliar. Savannah was her home and she adored the city itself along with it’s rich history, but she could hardly stand the spotlight. As much as she hated the animosity between families and the constant bickering that went on around her, something kept nagging at her to stay put. She didn’t know why, but she felt that her place was at home in Savannah for now.  

"Cause it's a feeling that you get when the afternoon is set on a bridge into the city." 

Kate finds beauty in everything. Even the smallest of things, she romanticises into something wonderful. Sunsets, the way the breeze feels while standing on river street, the way the light leaks through the moss while she walks around town. She’s a romantic and that’s how she deals with her social status. Her day dreams are her escape and that light in her eyes is genuine. She’s not naive nor is she immune to the cruelty that exists in her world of money and greed. However, she does her best to ignore it all for the sake of keeping a smile on her face.

"You're a hard soul to save with an ocean in the way, but I get around it."

Trent had just slammed his trunk door shut when Kate walked around the corner. He had a box of records in his arms and Kate was intrigued. She offered to help him carry his things and he unwillingly accepted. They’ve been close friends ever since. 

Kate sat at a coffee table outside of one of the most well known pubs in the city. Madison settled at a table nearby with a huff as she put her shopping bags on the ground. Kate smiled and struck up a conversation. They’ve become best friends since then. 

Andrew casually strolled through Ellis Square right past Kate. She glanced up from the book she was reading and froze where she sat. He was incredibly attractive and she felt her cheeks heat up as he glanced her way with a smirk. 

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