Kat Graham Appreciation Week | Day 1| Favorite Scene on TVD Featuring Bonnie Bennett.

Kat Graham’s performance as Bonnie in 4x19 (Pictures of You) was probably one of those scenes I just couldn’t stop watching when it aired.  It was probably one of her most badass moments, showing that this is not someone you want to mess with. When Elena went up to Bonnie telling her that she should stop being a problem and tried to attack her, Bonnie touched her hand so quick and unnerved with a look of “Bitch Please, are you really this stupid?” on her face. That scene should have won an award. Before Bonnie had even given her an aneurysm, Elena stopped dead in her tracks. Yes, Bonnie did have the power of expression flowing through her veins, but I felt so proud of her. Even though she sees Elena as one of her best friends, in that moment, Bonnie put Bonnie first. And when Matt interrupted her, she didn’t stop because she felt bad for what she was doing to Elena, she stopped because she was worried about herself, with her words being “What is happening to me?” And we rarely get to see that.  

And of course, we all know what happened after that.  

Bonnie put the fear in Elena.

This is the thing; from day 1 Bonnie has always had the potential to be this strong and powerful witch. And yes, she has surpassed that title, but what I hate about it all is that we never got to really see her development and follow her journey with her magic.  With the expression, she was in about 1 or 2 episodes learning about it, and then 10 episodes later, when they finally have her back on the show, she has all this magic and this power. If the writers are going to use her to be available when people get a paper cut, then they should have shown us her character development. 

Kat Appreciation Week: Day 3; Friendship

Umm What happened to Kat and Candice’s friendship.Remember at all the conventions and the award shows it would always be Kat and Candice sitting together laughing and telling the crowd cute stories about how they are best friends. Now its Kat and Ian. I mean I’m not complaining I just kinda miss those being around each other and being cute little bunnies! <3 Even though Candice is engaged I would love to see pictures of them together again.

Why do I love Kat...

Kat Graham Appreciation Week - Day 6 - Why do you love Kat?

Well, she is incredibly talented, she’s kind and generous, and seems like the kind of person you can’t help but be friends with. Look at how everyone on TVD just loves her…

And like Wendy Williams says, “We’re totally friends in my head!”

Oh, and she portrays my favorite TV character, that is a big plus in her column. : )