I loved that little snippet from the Vampire Attraction Convention, when the fan asked Kat what she had gotten from her character. Then Paul leans over and is like, “Your romance with Steven McQueen.” And Kat was so sacastic, like, “Yeah, definitely. I know now what true love is like.”

I so appreciate the fact that even Kat knows that ship was more like a dingy.

When it comes Paul Wesley, Kat Graham and Ian Somerhalder’s Brazilian comic con interview, my head went in the gutter.

My eyes saw this…

…but my brain was like…

And the funny thing was, Paul and Kat had the same affect. Because although my eyes saw this…

…my head, straight-up and translated it like this…

On the real though, except for that lady in the front, everybody looks like they’re off-beat. Are they all tone-deaf? WTF? And this is suppose to be Pitch Perfect, too? You’d think they’d catch the beat…but nope, guess not! 

(Gifs are by the wonderful TVD-bittersweetness)

anonymous asked:

Bonnie stans you are saying that all the actors wanted to stay with Bonnie, but of course they say they are afraid of being labeled as racist by Bonnie fans

lmao first of all how pathetic are you that you have to convince yourself that every single male on the cast is so terrified of the big bad Bonnie fans, and that that’s the only reason why anyone would display attraction to a woman as beautiful as Kat Graham and to a character as powerful and interesting as Bonnie Bennett?

It just isn’t a realistic opinion in any way. Seems like you’re projecting… and what that says about you is not at all flattering.

Why are you so threatened by the idea that your male faves might actually recognize the value of a talented, powerful, loyal, beautiful black woman?