Kat Dennings moves to drama with role in "The Newsroom"

American actress Kat Dennings is known for her comedic timing and feisty, sarcastic personality on her television show “2 Broke Girls” but in 2014 she is going to be showing another aspect of her acting talent.

Aaron Sorkin, the creator of the popular HBO show “The Newsroom” has announced that she will be joining the show for the final season which has six episodes. The move at first caught some social media entertainment observers by surprise because she will be acting with some very talented actors who possess outstanding dramatic range such as Jeff Daniels and Emily Mortimer but it is a brilliant decision by the actress.

This role will enable her to show a more serious side and enable her to break out of the stereotype of being known as a funny, comedic actress. She will be playing the role of Reese’s (Chris Messina) half-sister who along with her sibling owns a 45 percent share in the company and thus this brings conflict onto the show.

No one can ever question her ability as a comedic actress as her timing is impeccable and she is viewed as one of the most attractive actresses on television with her buxom figure and her quick wit which has made her a notable scene stealer. Now in “The Newsroom” she will be able to show her serious side to fans and filmmakers which has some social media entertainment observers speculating that she is preparing to or is interested in expand her acting portfolio to take on some more dramatic roles.

She is known not only for her impressive performance as Max Black in “2 Broke Girls” but she also has recently earned praise for her performance as Darcy Lewis in “Thor: The Dark World”, an action-adventure movie and now with “Newsroom” she is laying the groundwork so that if she wants to move to more dramatic roles on television or film she will be able to show producers and directors that she not only has the looks but the acting ability.

Look out for Kat Dennings in 2014 because it looks as if she is preparing to surprise her fans and television and movie producers by showing her ability to play any role whether it be a comedy or dramatic role. 

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