Hi everyone! I’m selling these high quality 12x18 prints which are printed on good quality matt photo paper. All proceeds from the sale of a print will go to help my mom’s (who is shown holding these lovely prints) radiation therapy for 30 days. As costs for these are too high, I am trying I am doing my best to help in any way possible. I have asked permission from all the artist featured and was given approval to sell this for charity. Please pm for any details if you wish to order a print. :) I hope to hear from you! This is for a limited time only… So hurry up. I will only be selling these until April 30, 2013. Spread the word.

C: Sana kasi tol, dalawa na lang yung puso ko e. Para hindi ako mahirapan.

Ako: E kaso isa nga lang. Kaya umayos ka na. Ayusin mo yan. Ikaw ang nag papakomplikado ng sitwasyon mo. Selfish ka. Gusto mo lahat sayo. Gusto mo yung isa, pero ayaw mo bitawan yung isa. Bakit? Para pag wala kang napala sa bago, babalik ka dun sa luma?


OPM WEEKEND! Lyric Event at Ayala Fairview Terraces: Sponge Cola, Autotelic, Kastigo, and Mayonnaise (March 15, 2014)

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My sister and I were invited by the newly erected posh mall, Ayala Fairview Terraces to attend Lyric’s event in their mall. I met Sponge Cola, Autotelic, Kastigo, and Mayonnaise.(FYI: I listen to OPM songs and I like these bands!!) I’m a huge fan of Sponge Cola, Urbandub, Up Dharma Down, Franco, and Typecast. There are a lot, yes, A LOT of good OPM songs. So, go listen and support!

"Lyric held contests and gave away stuff (shirts and a nice SG-like ESP axe) on top of the musical performances they made possible: Autotelic, Kastigo, Mayonnaise, and, of course, Sponge Cola (whose mere presence sent multitudes to a frenzy it seemed). In any case, we all know part of making good music is having the right equipment to serve as ballast for your creativity, and our good friends from Lyric make sure you guys have access to such, carrying such brands as Blackstar amplifiers, Elixir strings, and ESP guitars in their roster, use of which will guarantee that your musical message is not lost in muddy, crap-infested translation. The event was hosted by legendary guitarist Francis Reyes of Peso Movement. (Aldus Santos)" 

The Anvil hits it’s first month! In the fourth episode, the guys (and girl) bring you sounds from the crazy Giniling Festival, hard-shred Kastigo and my other favorite local punk-surfcore-whatever you call ‘em local act The ButcherCons! Also Kurt Demented and Reggie, Anvil’s resident film guys share their own opinions on the current Cinemalaya scene. PLUS!  Kurt tries to go all tagalog. DEFINITELY NOT AN EPISODE TO BE MISSED. So tune in, and tune well, welcome to the monthsarious episode of The Anvil! 

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Reiremos komo niñxs sin miedo a los kastigos porke no sentimos kulpa de vivir sin repreciones