You repel me.

I spent a nice time watching taikova draw and chatting in her livestream this weekend. This led to some piratelock thoughts and soon eviko and me were drawing pirates…

Reference used (one of my old cosplay photos), pencil on beige paper, about 2.5 hours (got lost in shades and curls)


Today I wrote a really nice commentary for school, at least I think!  I had a lot of fun playing tennis with my friends and then had some nice heart to hearts with my friends, family members, and teachers all throughout the day.  Plus after school some of my friends and I went to a cafe!  And then Kass came over after I found out I got a role in the fall play!  So it was a pretty good day!  Goodnight!


Codename: WinterJacket

Oh my god, it’s been three months? Well, uhm… I really intended to finish this quickly, but then summer happened and working on a longsleeved jacket during the hottest days of the year just exhausted me by the mere thought of it. -.-
Buuut now autumn’s about to hit the city and I really want to wear this! So I took some time (that I really should have used working on the two cosplays I need to have finished in two weeks but yeah) and started painting the one missing sleeve. Yesterday’s progress together with my motivational beer and some Iron Man can be seen here!

It looks way better in real life, the photos turn my lines a bit wonky. >_> And while I really love working with fabric paint I’ll be happy when it is finished - this takes sooo loooong!

Teaser | Part 1 | Part 2
(For all of you who are new to my blog - have a look, this is what I (should) do when I’m not smoking on a house boat or traveling through the country XD)