Message from Mayuyu posted on “Summers Go Jiman Retto Jimangu” website http://www.fujitv.co.jp/jimang/

AnfieldAkiba translated

“(24/4/15 9.28pm) @karaage_mayu Well, I’ll be in "Summers Go Jiman Retto Jimangu” at 11.30pm on Fuji TV!  I had a lot of fun recording it~ Please watch it"

“(24/4/15 9.08pm) @karaage_mayu Today’s shoot ended!! It was fun!!!
4 kittens were there. Wanted to take pics, but couldn’t.
A pity.

“(24/4/15 9.13pm) @karaage_mayu Mum said ”NakoMiku-chan appeared on it~“ and she recorded Music Station for me.

Mum’s a genius.

#NakoMiku #ItsMyMumNotYukirin”

*For the second hashtag, Mayuyu meant that it was her real mother and not Yukirin, even though Yukirin is like a mum to her. ^_^


Yukirin’s twitter:

トマトに前田さんの幻を見るまゆゆ #あっさーーん #あっさーーん
Mayuyu who sees illusion of Maeda-san in a tomato #Assa~n #Assa~n

*in the video Mayuyu calls “Assan~ Assan~”