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(via lal-nila-syrin) yeah, also I think the whole problem with EVERY fic/plot involving Danny going to Vlad in a post-TUE au that i’ve seen, is that Danny /doesn’t talk about what happened/, a huge flaw I’ve always wondered about is what would happen if Danny TOLD Vlad what happened in the alternate future, what would happen and what Vlad himself in this alternate future would be like, it would give him something to reflect on, and he could do it with Danny’s help instead of taking the path of his alternate future self, who spent ten years alone and lonely and realizing his mistakes, he spent ten years reflecting, but if Danny just told him what he saw in the other future–he could help vlad think and reflect and he wouldn’t have to spend ten years, he wouldn’t have to waste ten years mourning, because if he still lost the Fentons in this AU, he would still have to think about it–especially since there’s Danny: the last living Fenton–and he’s looking at him every day, Danny might look at his family like Alicia and guilt himself into believing he doesn’t deserve their care, but Vlad would look at Danny and be reminded that YES he wanted Danny to be his son and he wanted Jack dead, but Danny’s depressed and sad and angry and his family is /dead/, and Vlad is reminded of exactly what he lost and what could have been, because this is a kid who genuinely loved his family in a way vlad SHOULD have and vlad DOESN’T KNOW how to comfort him, even though Danny came to /him/, Vlad’s love for maddie may have been twisted but when she’s gone what did he feel? canonically he mourned just as much as danny did–and then eventually mourned jack too, and mourned the life he could have had because Jack HAD been his friend at some point, these tags got long, sorry, but the point is, vlad isn’t completely beyond redemption and sometimes I wonder what would happen if he had been given the opportunity to see the future like danny had, because the destroyed future wasn’t just danny’s–it was Vlad’s too..

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I have a feeling you may need more ink, seeing as paper is relatively easy to come by

This is true. I amend my question:

Does anyone have 600 pages of computer paper they’re not using AND enough printer ink to print on all 600 of those pages?

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On the Vlad subject I mostly agree. Except you said the ghosts probably wouldn't care. But they would. *points to xmas episode*' They didn't have to help, they just had to not fight him. I think it's like the whole village raising a child thing

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I think the Christmas episode doesn’t prove it enough. Yes, there is a Christmas Truce where they don’t outright attack each other for a whole day. But then they’re back to fighting and shooting blasts and trying to decapitate Danny for the next 364 days. Even if they can all be friends for a day out of the year (even if this is all a big joke or playing or roles for the ghosts who would otherwise be perfectly content to not attack anyone all year long, which I don’t think the show supports), that isn’t enough.

Not only do they have to not attack Danny, they have to not attack anyone in Amity Park. They have to not come out of the portal at all. And it has to be unanimous. No Spectra sneaking out on her own to cause havoc when Danny’s not up to stopping her. You think ghosts are going to start fighting each other on the humans’ behalf to keep other ghosts from going through the portal? I don’t think so. Not just because the halfa’s family got blown up and now he’s depressed. Especially without knowing about what Danny almost turned into in another timeline.

As for Danny staying with a ghost to live? I just… I can’t see that working well for anyone. Even if he finds a “good ghost” like Clockwork or Frostbite or Wulf… like he can’t talk to Wulf, Clockwork isn’t supposed to interfere with time and he’s already done it enough by saving Danny and Danny hasn’t even met Frostbite at this point in the timeline and he pretty much kept destroying stuff in the Far Frozen when he was there I am not sure how welcome he would actually be to stay permanently.

Plus, while I am all for writing ghosts with back stories who are more than just stereotypical cartoons, they are GHOSTS. They are dead. They don’t know what it means to be alive or what that entails. They can’t provide the food or shelter or social interactions that people need in order to survive without going insane. And they are OBSESSED with something. It is in their nature. Can they really break from that long enough to care for a depressed, self loathing, can’t-do-anything-more-than-stare-at-the-same-photograph-all-day member of another species? I don’t think so. At least not without bad things happening to Danny. If he’s stuck trying to recover under the care of an obsessive spirit, how much different from Dan do you think he’s going to end up being in the end?