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Yes at last I can be a Twilight vampire only you know less abusive

"How old are you?"


"How long have you been 17?"

"idk man since a little shit threw glitter all over me"

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Vlad finding out Clockwork's gender

Thank you for filling my inbox with prompts you precious demon child. Welcome to agender Clockwork hell.


Danny didn’t know why he’d thought going to the Christmas Truce Party was a good idea. Well, that was a lie; he’d wanted some food that wouldn’t come alive and try to bite his tongue. That, and he wanted to see if he could find Dani. But was it really worth being surrounded by a bunch of ghosts giving him the side eye and ‘accidentally’ bumping into him?

Danny grabbed a cookie from the refreshment table, watching a punch bowl full of eggnog curiously. He couldn’t shake the feeling that he’d see the ghost somewhere before. It was when they moved their head, and the white hair which had been covering one of their eyes moved to reveal a black scar. 

Danny smiled, happy to see someone who probably didn’t want to kill him. “I didn’t think you were the type who liked parties, Clockwork.”

"Oh, I don’t," The Master of Time poured themself some eggnog and took a small sip. They looked odd without their typical clothing and what seemed to be just a hoodie and black jeans instead. They weren’t even using their spectral tail. "I wasn’t even considering it until the Observants told me not to. They were worried I might give away the secret of our existence. After that, I couldn’t resist."

Danny rolled his eyes, “Wow. But aren’t you worried that people might figure it out?”

"Not remotely," Clockwork said, motioning to a ghost who was passing them by. "Watch. Excuse me," The ghost looked up, "What would you say if I told I was the Master of Time?"

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Sorry for late, but I'm Kas, my favorite color is pink, my favorite ship is Iambic Prose, my favorite ice cream is cookies and cream and while I do not have a cat, I have 3 dogs.

hey hey, nice to meet you!

i like cookies&cream ice cream too!

three dogs sounds like a handful! tell them i said what up, lol

Agender!Clockwork: Puppet

No fic form because I don’t feel like going to grab it. In other news, who wants to know the Time Master and Observants legend?

If the answer is no than this post is not for you.

So last night I was doing some world building and I got the bright idea to send kasena-a what I had thought up for the Master of Time legend. Apparently it was a really bright idea, because she made it sound legend-like and this was the result. She is a gift.



It is said that there are higher powers than just ghosts, that there are spirits who observe and keep track of all of time and reality itself. Never do they interfere; they have taken an oath only to watch. But, one day, they noticed things were not going according to plan. Those who were meant for great, terrible things lived out their natural lives in a second, as did those related to them. It was then the Observants began to look for a cause of this strange phenomenon. And then, they found Them.

The first time Clockwork heard about the Master of Time, they were physically eight and had just snuck out for the first time. They’d ended up with a bunch of other ghosts- some younger, some older- and followed them as they encountered an old man who retold the legend. Clockwork never heard the end, though. They’d barely reached the middle when Olia, disguised as a normal ghost, had burst in and hurried them away. They’d been left with Coli afterwards, since the High Council didn’t trust Clockwork to not disobey them again. 

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