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kasena-a said:

Bill finds out Dipper’s name. Gushing ensues

….I got carried away. Also, Dipper’s parents are terrible with names.

True Name


Bill Cipher was a dream demon with enough power to terrify mortals and supernatural creatures alike. Demons were not as common as humans liked to believe but even so if you were even a footstep into the occult you knew of Bill Cipher. This was a being who could shape nations themselves, who could stop and cause wars with a snap of his fingers, who could change all of history because he was bored. This being with massive and almost limitless power was the nightmare of many, and the retribution of all.

He was also a babysitter.

“Shooting Star for the last time would you stop trying to jump off the roof!” Hearing Mabel vaguely scream something back down to him he groaned and scrubbed his hands over his face. This was ridiculous. He had just wanted to find a way to get close to the twins in order to use them. He wasn’t supposed to come to care for them, or, you know, fall in love with one of them. The second one had not been expected. At all. “Pine Tree! What did I tell you about climbing the thorn trees!”

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  • Friend:You'll totally ship Bill and Dipper.
  • Me:*Watches Sock Opera*
  • Me:*Points at Bill* Aro. Very aro. Maybe ace. But very aro.

anonymous said:

I am EXTREMELY curious to know how Bill 'handles' the Pine parents. (honestly I was expecting him to lose his temper and to the blue flame and red eye thing.)

Not sure I can type this one out. I mean, not sure I can do it justice. I will tag it, though, that way if I wanna come back to it, I can find it. I do plan to write it, just not now

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I was tagged by murderkissesandmagic Rules: 1. Always post rules. 2. Answer the questions from the person who tagged you and write 11 new ones. 3. Tag 11 people. 4. Actually tell them you tagged them

"My Questions:
1. Favourite Colour? (I’m Canadian, get over it.)
2. OTP(s)? It’s hard to pick one sometimes.
3. How many languages do you speak?
4. Do you have any tumblr/online friends?
5. What do you love about being in a fandom?
6. Favourite Movies:
7. Favourite TV Shows:
8. Role Model?
9. What your happiest memory?
10. Pet peeve?
11. Special talent or something that makes you unique? (and everyone has something so don’t say you don’t).”

Okay, so I’m FINALLY getting to this. I love you, don’t kill me. :)

1. Lime green

2. Sometimes? Hard to pick SOMETIMES?! Just kidding, Havi and Lanie. I love them.

3. One. I can speak more, but only certain words that my brain wants to retain.

4. Yes. I hope they consider me friends, too.

5. I meet new people and they understand what I want to discuss.

6. Star Trek (2009), Finding NemoThe Corpse BrideChitty Chitty Bang Bang

7. GrimmSleepy HollowThe Nine Lives of Chloe KingDoctor WhoCastleSupernatural, and NCIS: New Orleans (plus the older NCIS)

8. Jennifer Lawrence, Beth Revis, Richelle Meade, andScarlett Johansen (I pick and choose traits about them that I like, I don’t have a specific one)

9. Finding $50 stashed in one of my books or baking. Please don’t make me choose.

10. When people act like the world exists to serve them. Yuck.

11. I can vibrate my eyes. Woo. Special.


1. Autumn or Fall?

2. Do you like marine life?

3. Science or Math?

4. What is your favourite sport?

5. Did you ever play a musical instrument? (and no, the kazoo does not count)

6. What are your top 5 hobbies?

7. Do you have any pets?

8. What profession do you want to do?

9. What older movies do you like that not many people now might remember? (I like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, as previously stated andin example)

10. What was the best gift you’ve ever gotten from someone?

11. What is the food you absolutely hate?

Okay, so I am tagging kasena-a, tracifan9999, digitalvick, ahhhhhginger, unhappyfarmer, i-am-frogfeet, emilytheconqueror, mosy-on-by, elphabaforpresidentofgallifrey, koolkat40333, schoolsweater. I love you all, please don’t come after me to bury me six-feet-under for this.

kasena-a said:


No lie, Kas is my chaos twin and she helps me write the things I want by screaming prompts at me so I have an excuse. Most of our conversations are things we want to do and then me screaming ‘KAS PROMPT ME!!!’

So here, have more BillDip Husband Au with Toby in it.



“Hey Mabel.” Wendy Corduroy walked into the Mystery Shack in the early morning hours, sun still hardly up, which was a rarity in itself, as was the four-year-old daughter strapped to her back. “Dipper called not too long ago saying he needed me in today, what’s up?”

“Ant, Ant!” Wendy rolled her eyes and released the bouncing girl, who toddled over to Mabel’s open arms, both giggling and hugging like crazy.

“Hey there Firecracker! How are you this morning?” Rosy only yawned widely, red hair a mess of curls around her head, as she snuggled into Mabel’s shoulder and fell asleep almost instantly. “I guess that’s how you are, and yeah, all of the boys went off somewhere.”

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kasena-a said:

Toby. Girl. Thingy.

Dammit Kas

(So all you need to know is this is in the future (Billdip Husband Au) after Bill and Dipper adopt Toby and something happens that turns Toby into a demon. That’s it. That’s all you need to know right now.)


Toby Pines yawned, body half-leaning off his bed as he counted the amount of stars hidden in the decoration of his room. So far he was up to triple digits. “Boooooring.” Blue eyes surrounded by black blinked around the room, looking at everything curiously. He supposed he had fun in his room but he should be outside. Looking for mysteries! But no, here he was. Inside the Mystery Shack.


Honestly it wasn’t his fault he became king of the Manataurs. It was more of a…mistake? Toby didn’t know how it had happened it just did. Of course he had to summon his parents when they refused to let go of their king, and then Bill had to threaten them and Dipper had to explain why becoming king of supernatural creatures was wrong. Toby still didn’t get that part, being king was kind of fun. Tiring, but fun.

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