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GOM, Kasamatsu, Imayoshi, Kiyoshi, Kagami confessing to the person they like. How would they do it/react?

okay i made one for the GOM and also the reaction if they got rejected here

Kagami: He’d be beat red and flustered, he’d be confident at first but once it was time to confess he’d be so embarrassed and try to avoid eye contact and stutter out quickly “I like you a lot!” and would have to continue saying it a lot because his crush would not understand what he was saying because he was saying it too fast.

Kasamatsu: When he confessed to someone he liked he confessed right after basketball practice because by then he was still pretty pumped and if his crush rejected him he would have felt a little less disappointed. He’d say something like “I like you just so you know,” awkwardly looking down and rubbing the back of his neck.

Imayoshi: He’d definitely not be nervous because he probably knew his crush liked him back he would confess with ease, he’d have a gentle smile on his face saying something like, “We should go out since we both like each other.”

Kiyoshi: He would smile so sweetly and be gentle, he’d be a little shy saying something like, “I like you a lot and I’d like for you to go out on a date with me sometime.”  

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Kaijo meeting Kasamatsu's crush and teasing/flirting with her? They're not together yet~

It was annoying Kasamatsu so much the way Kise constantly reminded him his crush was really cute. He’d smile big and wide at his crush saying something like “Wow __, you’re super cute!” Kasamatsu had to kick Kise mulitple times because he could just smell the teasing and hinting he gave to his crush. Moriyama flirted with his crush a lot mostly to anger Kasamatsu. He wanted to tell all of them to back off but he knew if he did that they would instantly tell the girl.