Family Time, Clothing Optional

Stacee and family went to Fire Island for the week to finally have a summer vacation. They also wanted to spend concentrated time together before she heads back to work next week. Marcel was very happy at the beach, and in the pool. Basically in the water or near the water and naked = happy boy.


While in Fire Island, she took long walks on the beach with Marcel in the carrier, swam in the pool and did some of her Pilates home mat routine each day including The Hundred, Ab Series, Leg Circles, Side Kicks, and Squats. Lifting and carrying Marcel was her arm work. She feels great: strong yet also relaxed and ready to get back to a routine.

She and Marcel had a practice week of easing him into daycare. Stacee had some sad moments, but Marcel was happy as a clam. So far so good, but next week when she goes back to work will be the true test - mostly for her! Understandable, because would you ever want to leave this guy? 


Tune in next week for a final report on Stacee’s overall 3-month progress and Marcel’s first week of “school.”

xoka & friends

Muscle/Beach Babes

I was traveling last week so Stacee was left to exercise on her own. I gave her a list of exercises that she could chose from based on how much time she had. I made sure to include a couple of exercises for each zone of the body: arms, abs, legs, bum, back.

She and Marcel discovered that there are some effective exercises that they can do together:


When doing push ups with (or without) your baby, be aware of your form: abs engaged, shoulders open, back straight and maintain a long neck.

When lifting your baby or using him as a weight, the same rules apply. And have fun with it!


Marcel is holding his head up like a pro now and is looking like a real guy. He is going to spend a few days at the beach so he had to go through his wardrobe to find just the right outfits.


Stacee plans on doing some long walks on the sand during their beach jaunt (great for your legs/butt) and, of course, continuing her ab work.

And finally some movement on the scale - she has lost another 3 lbs. Good work!

Her measurements stayed the same this week but she is feeling much stronger in her core and is super excited about the weight loss.

Stay tuned for beach reports from Marcel and more exercise tips!

xoka & friends.