BET Comments About Blue Ivy Hair & Karrechue

Excuse this rant but I just found this so appalling I am glad I no longer watch BET for a network to go after a child & make a joke comment about her hair is ridiculous. Then for a grown woman to not have a back bone and just say I can’t say this I’m sorry or ect she reads it and this is the same girl who rants about people making negative comments about her & her life choices. This world needs some new found integrity like how can you even question they type of behavior kids display these days when you have this going on. I am sure no one who has made comments about Blue Ivy’s hair has ever been up close nor ran fingers through it to even make an accurate opinion about it. Now I see why some people have negative complex about themselves or their own race they tear their own down instead of empowering them.

Blog Buzz: Chris & Rihanna Reunite! + Mariah Hits Nick With Gag Order and More Bizzy Buzz!

Blog Buzz: Chris & Rihanna Reunite! + Mariah Hits Nick With Gag Order and More Bizzy Buzz!

No he hasn’t dump Karrechue after making up with the latter just days ago…Chris Brown was actually present during a celebrity basketball game where the Barbados beauty was seen sitting courtside……let’s just say Riri couldn’t keep her eyes off of him…[TMZ]

Things aren’t butterflies and rainbows anymore for Mariah Careythese days and to save face from further humiliation, Mimi is hitting her…

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anonymous said:

BOL yall are silly af! IndiaLoveWest do got rude anons. Lol. P.s., anon I doubt the owner feel some type a way! The owner is GORGEOUS, she gave us her insta. Plus karrechue is a TJ Maxx version of Christina Milian!!

lmfao like fr tho. & thank you baby (:

omg lmfaoooooo but Christina is gawjuss