the difference between david karp and the xkit guy is that one of them works at tumblr while the other works for tumblr

ok i just got online on a computer and  jesus christ

so i understand things are different and less convenient in a way

but holy shit the things you fuckers say to the staff over this simple change lmao! “you’re trash” “you should eat my ass” “i hate the staff so much this website is so shit HERE is what the staff SHOULD be doing” “this website is a toilet!!”

do you realise what a self entitled bunch of fucks you sound like lmao. like the staff actually put up with soo much shit from yall, try saying this shit on facebook to mark zuckerberg and see how quickly you get kicked off, or better yet walk into a restaurant and say this shit to the staff and see how fast people start squirting mustard in your eyes

the staff probably hate you, david karp hates you too and if he was actually your daddy i bet he’d be gone before your mother could even whisper “joint custody”