karla welch

Girl Crush - Little Big Town

“Girl Crush” was the first song I talked about here, but I feel that it needs to be revisited.  There has been a lot of negative opinions about this song which I never expected.  Even though LBGTQ (Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender, Queer) rights are in the spot light, I really don’t think about them much, probably because I am surrounded mostly by people who feel similarly to me on the issue.  This is probably one of the reasons I was shocked that a portion of the country audience responded so negatively to this song.  As I mentioned before, I love what “Girl Crush” says about jealousy and how we view relationships.  I never once thought of it as “promoting the gay agenda”. Probably because it isn’t.  

That all being said, I am also pleasantly surprised about the level of support Little Big Town has received from other artists in opposition to those boycotting the song.  Country artist usually are not afraid to take a stand, but it is usually on the conservative side of the fence.  I think it really means a lot to both the career of Little Big Town and the future of LBGTQ acceptance within the country community.  

I also felt it was time to come back to “Girl Crush” because the music video has been released since my first post.  I really appreciate what they did with the style of the video.  One of my favorite things about this song is how vintage it feels, but also the subtlety and calmness of the slow doo wop style.  There are many ways to bring vintage ideas into a music video, but most would be too over the top, too aggressively vintage for “Girl Crush”.  Everything from Karen Fairchild’s hair and makeup to the lighting, the black and white, and the effect of the disco ball, is perfect.  Pastel, period clothing would have been fun, but it would be distracting.  Perfectly styled hair would have looked nice, but would be too much.  A story line would have been cool, but too dramatic.  Shout out to Karla Welch for directly a great video.  I am not familiar with her work, but “Girl Crush” has already made me a fan.