Karkloof Emperor  (Pearl Emperor, Pearl Charaxes)

Charaxes varanes (Nymphalidae) is a west African butterfly up to 10cm  with a beautiful contrasting color. The body is light grey and the wings white near body, remainder orange with brown patches and flecks. The hindwings have pointed tails.

The photo shows an specimen of the subspecies Charaxes varanes vologeses which occurs in Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland, and since the photo was taken in the Democratic Republic of Congo, apparently also occurs there.

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Photo credit: ©Nigel Voaden | Locality: Sakania, Katanga, Democratic Republic of Congo


I was nominated to post my top 10 horsey pictures of 2014. They are not in any particular order and are taken in Los Angeles, Baltimore, Washington DC, and Karkloof, South Africa! The photos also include hunt seat, western and polo disciplines.

1) Tanner and I

2) Tanner being a cutie

3) Rocky and I

4) Interlink and his friend (I forgot his name) at a polo tournament

5) Chaco being happy

6) Fred and I at summer camp

7) Me meeting Via Volo

8) Riggs being cute

9) Fred on a trail ride

10) Me and Tommy