biionic said:

Hey bb~ ;o

1. First impression: oh gosh this was eight years ago so it’s hard to remember but I’m sure I thought you were very cute and also funny

2. Truth is: I’m very glad we’ve still kept in contact over the years, it makes my heart happy

3. How old do you look: 19!! Wow everyone looks 19 to me basically

4. Have you ever made me laugh: so many times. Xat was great for laughs and tears and all the things

5. Have you ever made me mad: yessss and I know I’ve made you mad too hahaha oops

6. Best feature: you have very nice eyes!!! Like A+ eyes

7. Have I ever had a crush on you: well, since I dated you way back in the day (like seven years ago) I’d say yes!

8. You’re my: friend! And also my ex girlfriend oops I guess that’s a thing

9. Name in my phone: nonexistent :(

10. Should you post this too? If you would like to!

Check out this blog if you like things that are frickin' fantastic:

A friend of mine runs it, and she’s amazing and hilarious. So yeah. You should really follow it.


Hits and Misses in Revelstoke's Lower North Bowl

I had a moderately terrifying few hours this afternoon - after picking the wrong line around the Brake Check area into lower North Bowl, I ended up losing a ski in a fall, tumbling halfway down a chute, throwing my second ski down ahead of me, mountain climbing my way down the rocks at the bottom of the chute, and then digging out two lost skis in waist-deep powder. All told, it took almost two hours and I gave Sarah a heart attack when I didn’t show up at our scheduled meeting area after we decided to take different chutes out along the ridge line. A super-nice ski patroller helped me search for my sticks after about 45 minutes of digging by myself - I found one and Don found the other! No injuries to report which is what’s most important (there was a point where I thought that if I ended up falling straight down the chute my season was over right there), and I’m still thrilled that there’s no need to buy a new pair of Volkl Mantras. I definitely treated myself to a few homemade cookies when I got home though. Phew.

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Make sure to ride with a buddy if you’re skiing new or challenging terrain! If you’re going different ways, pick a meeting place and time. Even though there’s precious little cell coverage in much of North Bowl, program the ski patrol’s number into your mobile: +1.250.837.9491.


Vania Rodrigues, 17, Dorchester:

I have to say…today was one of the best days I’ve had working at MYTOWN, despite the weather. We all met at Jackson Square T and took a tour with Karilyn. I liked this tour because it opened up my eyes. I didn’t know much history about Jackson SQ, or it’s importance and now I do, and I would love to share it with the friends that I have living over there. After this, we went to the house and had a prep tour run-through to get ready for the tour we had that afternoon. This went really well, I was nervous but we got through it. I’m really proud of my team members. We took a little break while waiting for the Boston Foundation. Nervous and both happy at the same time! We did a tremendous job during the tour. Although we had a few team members missing, we all managed to get it done. I’m really sad that they were running short on time and we couldn’t finish our whole tour, but it was still awesome sharing all these interesting facts we know and that they had no clue about. This job has inspired me to just learn more and more about history. I never liked history at school as much as I do now working at MYTOWN. I’m honestly thinking about becoming a historian. - I love when I speak to my friends about my day at work and I inspire them to go out and just learn about their history. It’s such an amazing feeling to inspire others. Learning about history is important because it provides a valuable insight for our future generations and it teaches you to THINK. If we knew nothing about history, our mind would be soooo unconscious so I think as human beings we should always be curious about history, the past, everything.

Tishanny Martinez, 17, Roxbury:

Today was awesome. The first thing we did after meeting in Jackson Station was look at an old factory that is still open till now and is the Lenox Syrup & Flavor factory which was really important because that’s what is used for the soda flavors. Also we saw some awesome murals that people had made over the years. In these murals were famous people jazz singers one of them being Celia Cruz. We also were working in our tour because we needed some work for the Boston Foundation Tour which was at 5:30pm today. It was kind of stressful because we thought that we needed more time for it but after walking our route again as we did yesterday and also giving the tour to people from the Statewide Black Clergy, we saw that we were good and actually I think that everything came out good  for the Boston Foundation Tour. It was our first official tour and it was great to meet all these people and actually know that these people are special because they help good organizations like MYTOWN to go forward and actually think about the future for students. I’m Really proud of MYTOWN 2014.



Karilyn Crockett, MYTOWN Co-Founder:

On behalf of MYTOWN’s Youth Guides, support staff and Board of Directors, thank you to everyone across the city that made this summer partnership between MYTOWN and the Massachusetts Department of Conservation & Recreation possible, productive and fun! We absolutely could not have done this by ourselves —

Patrice Kish, DCR

Commissioner Jack Murray, DCR

Kim Reynolds, Boston Public Library Rare Books Collection

Joe Bagley, City Archaeology Lab

Giordana Mecagni & Michelle Romero, Northeastern University/Snell Library

Antonio Menefee & Lisa Cook, DCR

Autumn Haag, Roxbury Community College Archives

Kathleen Barker & Peter Drummey, MA Historical Society

Leonardi Aray, Leonardi Aray Architects

Kathy Kottaridis, Historic Boston Incorporated

Representative Byron Rushing

Representative Gloria Fox

Jennifer Poulsen, MA Historic Commission

Estella Saraceni, Marcus Garvey Gardens

Wilnelia Rivera, RoxMAPP

Ellen Berkland, DCR

L’Merchie Frazier, Museum of African American History

Ed Malouf, Content Design Collaborative

Dr. Pat Toney, Statewide Black Clergy for Unity

Derek Lumpkins, Discover Roxbury

Abdul Hussein, ACEDONE

Anny Jean-Jacques Domercant, Governor’s Office of Community Affairs

Isabel Kaubisch, Clarendon Hill Consulting

Natanja Craig, The Boston Foundation

And deep thanks to the many generous residents of Roxbury who shared their time, stories and vision for the future with us everyday. 


Tishanny Martinez, 17, Roxbury:

Well maybe this will be my last blog. I loved my day and I also enjoyed it as every single day in MYTOWN. We started the day typing and adding more information to our tour stops.  We talked about what was left to do for the event tomorrow, The Archeology Demo Day. Then at 11:00am we got to meet Ed Malouf an Exhibit Designer, who talked about his project and also talked to us about the house. It was a good time learning how the house would look like after the remodeling. After that we had lunch and after lunch at 1:00 we got to talk with Discover Roxbury, an organization that shares our work space but we really didn’t know much about. We had a good time with them. Then at 2:00 we gave the tour to the people from the Museum of African American History. I think it was a great opportunity for us to keep practicing tours and learning more. And I also want to  thank MYTOWN and Karilyn Crocket for this great opportunity that I had Learning the history of Roxbury, John Eliot, the Dillaway-Thomas House and also our East, West, and Central tours. I loved going to the different archives and different field trips we had. I learned more about my leadership skills and how to deal and work with a big group of people who are actually good in different things and ways. When I started this job I never thought that this job would change my way of talking, communicating with others and also speaking to the public. I used to be in the Spanish Debate Team in Brighton High School and I had never felt so confident and good in speaking out loud and sharing history, arguments and stuff that I know with others. I really just want to thanks MYTOWN and the Founders for this great and awesome opportunity that I had yhis Summer 2014.