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What would be your advice on stage managing friends?

At my previous college, I had a lot of trouble with this. My friends were disrespectful, and it seemed like they only cared about having fun, rather than telling the story. Here’s how I dealt with it:

I told them up front: The second rehearsals begin, we are not friends. We are co-workers. I am here to learn, to gain experience, and to do the best I can do. 

At first, they accepted this, and we all went on with our lives. But when they began disrespecting me again, I sat them all down before rehearsal and told them this: If they really were my friends, they would respect that this means a lot to me, and take it seriously. This seemed to help a lot.  

I hope this helps. 

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name: kari
age: 21
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the next movie you’re planning to watch: apocalypse now, for a literature film culture class
the last movie you watched: gods and monsters, very good
the book you’re currently reading: king richard ii
favourite female fictional character: ella from ella enchanted, molly weasley
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the fictional character you identify with most: remus lupin
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1.) I’ve read Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns, and I’m just starting An Abundance of Katherines right now.

2.) <3 that means the world to me.

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Who's your boy?! :]

His name’s Chad, and I’ve literally known him since the 4th grade. And he’s in basic training for the military (but right now he’s home) and he’s a complete dork like me. :3

TAG! Day 3: three important people in your life

Rachel Brenner

We met when you were a sophomore, and we became fast friends. I can tell you anything, and you don’t judge. That kind of unconditional love is really hard to find in high school, and I’m so happy we met. It’s so strange because more and more you feel like a sister instead of a best friend.


I don’t know if you watch Sex in the City, but Carrie said that maybe there isn’t a guy out there who is perfect for you. Maybe your soul mates are your friends, and guys will just come and go. Or something like that. That’s not the point. The point is:

You are my soul mate. There’s no one who can make me laugh quite as easily as you… and that’s kinda a big deal. I don’t remember the first time we met, but I do know that we will be those obnoxious women hitting on the orderlies in nursing homes… and maybe Gloria will be there too.


…You’re like my crazy big brother. Well, kinda. You watch out for me, let me know when I’m being dumb, point me in the right direction, and stay humorous through the whole thing. I’m happy you’re my friend, and I’m planning on it staying that way for a very long time. Be prepared. You’re not gonna get rid of me.