despair-eto said:

Karezi, where Terezi got a migraine?

Sensory Overload

         Terezi sat down next to Karkat on the couch. She was pretty sure that he was reading one of his shitty romance novels, but she was too overwhelmed at the moment to pay any more attention.

         “Karkat,” she muttered, still just waking up. “What’s happening? Everywhere I walk, I see flashing,”

         “You SEE flashing?”

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Multicolored Hair trope: A character with hair of dramatically varying shades. Terezi dyes her hair to taste all the colors all the time. (x)

did this fill really fast last night ;o 
he probably got eridan to show him how to do it first so he wouldnt embarrass himself 

  • OTP:does something cute in a book or fanfic
  • Me:*happy pterodactyl noises*
  • Me:*runs up and down hallway silently squealing at how freaking cute my OTP is*
  • Me:*falls backward and flails arms and legs up and down*
  • Me:*grins so hard my face hurts*
  • Me:*tries to pull self back together*
  • Me:*fails miserably*
  • Me:*starts going through their tumblr tag*
  • Me:*looks up on pinterest and the general internet*
  • Me:*finally calms down while holding nook to chest and smiling softly while replaying cute thing over and over again*
  • Me:*cries from cuteness*
  • Me:This is why I love reading