I haven’t done this in a while and since I’ve reached my small goal a while ago AND my blog anniversary happened last week it only seems appropriate to give thanks to all the flawlessly flawless people on my dash.

I also wanna give huge thanks for all my followers, cause without you I would be here speaking to myself most of the time. So thank you!

The italicized are the ones that I stalk/admire/secretly worship and the bolded are my friends that I can’t imagine tumblr without.

A-D: alisonsdolls + aprilrosewood + babesario + benzobear + bellisariostroians + cavanaughtobias + calebsrivers 

E-H: elizabethgilies + ezrafitzgerld + houseofhastings 

I-L: iwasalwaysaromantic + iamnotwalkingaway + kahnscabin + karenslucille + lucyily + lucehalers

M-P: mikkelsem + nooneinthebackcanhearyou + oh-my-spoby + plldailly + prettylittleliars-bitches + prettylittlekeegan + prettymysticfalls + poseysharman + purifiedmoose

Q-T: queenkatherina + rosewoodtown + spobyfeelsdisorder + scottmccals + spencerhcavanaugh + spencerstobias + spencestobes + spencecavanaugh-ssponcas + spoby-is-in-my-veins + spobyschildren + such-a-mistery + the-game-is-on-bitches + teenswolfing + tobyqueen + troiastings + troybells +


#: 4littleliars

And of course, the two blogs I will never ever unfollow: offpistepursuit and katuriankaturiankaturian

Okay so I just made this little Follow Forever to celebrate I’m REALLY close to my big goal, after almost 9 months since I started tumblr. I also want to thank my mom hahaha (yea, she helped me to make this edit, I know, I’m pathetic) and I wanted to thank you guys so much. You guys make me enjoy my dash everyday. I love their beautiful edits and posts, I wouldn’t ever unfollow you. And that’s why Ofc you are on this follow forever! BUT, Before everything, I will name my beautifuls because without them I wouldn’t be here today and being this happy:

Madison (bellisenzo); Ana (karenslucille); Rose (kahnscabin); Grace (sash4pieterse); Dena (misslooch); Kai (drewvansexy); Luiza (shaymitchel); Kortney (benzobear); Mia (lucyavery); Suzana (spobylove); Monica (delusionalslove)

  • This people is people i miss so much
  • Linked people are my favorite blogs

spencestobes; lucymous; drewvanakcer; alidilaurents; wondersofmind; houseofhastings; troianbellesario; elijahskaterina; onceuponabitches; spencerscupcakes; k-ingston; spencerstobias; prettytheories; aprilrosewood; prettylittlefever/hancas; alwayslittleliars; mikegomery; babesario; shaymithchell; lucyans; spobyz; love4shay; untilwefindaway; percabetth; lucehales; janesparrish; kristentewarts; cavanaughtobias/troianstic; troianings; sashapeiterse; its-benzo; prettylittleliarsa; fourpll; troybells; klausscaroline; oh-my-spoby; benzolicius; plldailly; spobsy; mrs-cavanaugh; punkagron; wrenkingtson; spencersbraid; ashlerings; wrenncer; averyhatings

Hey sweethearts, that’s my first follow friday! So, I wanted to show how grateful I’m for you guys that makes my dash a very beautiful place to spend the time.

PS.: Sorry if I forget some people, I tried to remember of everyone, I swear. 

123: 4littleliars

a,b,c: alidilaurentsalwayslittleliarsashlerings

d,e,f: foreverlittleliarforever-liarfourpllfuckyeahsarashepard

g,h,i: hannamrinhannilyits-benzoitsashbenzo

j,k.l: janesparrishkarenslucillek-ingstonlucehaleslucymous

m,n,o: morrishardingsmrs-cavanaughnaya-riverasoh-my-spoby

p,q,r: plldaillyprettylittleliarsaprettylittleliars-bitches,prettylittleliars-loversprettymysticfalls

s,t,u: sashapeitersesash4pietersesexualstilesshaymitchelspencerhastinsspencewrenspencrhastingsspencersbraids-ursoktroianntroianstic

vwyz: wrenncerwrenkingtson

Valen: I love you, baby. Thank you so much for making me smile and laugh everyday. You are the Wren to my Spencer and I will finish those Tyler Bitch Face GIFs. You make me so happy. Love you!

Ana: You are awesome (and an amazing photographer) and I love you! Thank you for what you have done for me and my writing!

By the way: I did the cello thing:

He has one of the pictures in his binder (LOL).

Kat: You are amazing, I swear you are. You are so nice (and you sendme asks when no one else does lol) and we have not spoken in a while, but I still love you.

(Will speak to you soon!)

Sarah: Words cannot begin to explain how much you have helped me through whatever this is. You are an incredible person and I thank you so much for it. I am so grateful to have you in my life, Sarah.

Hailey: You are incredible (and a great secret bunny) and I swear to god, I will read those books!!!!!! Keep reading. You’re fucking great.

anyway, on with the show!

abc: alidilaurentsaprilrosewood | averyhastings | benzobear | boobsario  | cavanaughtobias

defg: dereksobrien | drewvansexy | ducktailings | elijahskaterina | ennobaria 

hijk: honourinrevenge | hutcher-jaw | jariaing | k-ingston | kahnscabin

lmno: lucehales | lucyavery | lucymous | mikegomery | mrs-cavanaugh

pqrs: sash4pieterse | sashapeiterse | sensualhastings | shaymitchel

t-z: troianbellesario | troybells | wrenkingtson

thank every single one of you so much for your blogs and making my day just *snap* that less productive

if i forgot anyone……. my bad

if i tagged you by accident… my bad also

-madison (bellisenzo/victroian)

my blog turned 1 year old as of June 29th :D thank you to people who have been following me since day one, you guys must have a lot of patience, and thank you to everyone who has been with me along the way. a very special thanks to those of you who have made a huge impact on my life here, and without you there’s no chance i would have made it this far:

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i feel like i have internet friends that i miss because we don’t talk as much and i wanted to update you on my life because i’m in a really good place right now and i want to make the most of it and maybe if you’re not feeling too good then i could help you feel a little better about life and yourself so if you know me personally or not feel free to click under the cut

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Happy Friends Day :)

Idk if in another country it’s the Friends Day but here in Argentina it is. And I just wanted to say thank you to all you because you are the most amazings human being and I have no idea what could tumblr be without any of you. My special hug goes to Madison, Mia, Ana, Dena and Luiza because you always have been there for me and helped me with my real life problems. I love you guys SO much and i don’t know what would be of me if i’d haven’t you on my life. You guys deserve all the awards.

karenslucille said:

Happy Birthday Kat! I wish you the best! You deserve only good things in your life! You're an amazing person, really glad I got to meet you. Have a great day lovely :**


thank you Ana :) ♡ you’re so amazing too! your message just made me smile so much x 

anonymous said:

who's your best friend here?

to let this clear i will name my BEST FRIENDS, who are my best friends for sure. the other ppl who i talk to are amazing but im still knowing them and i love them alredy *-*

bellisenzo, karenslucille, misslooch, drewvansexy, spencescupcakes, k-ingston, shaymitchel, benzobear, lucyavery, spobylove.

And i miss talk with A LOT OF PEOPLE who used to be my best friends and they still are, but i miss them because we stopped talking for some strange reason

karenslucille said:

I'm still not over the fact you look exactly like a doll. You're a human doll man. When I saw that video on tumblr I was scared because it was like a toy moving. Even tho nowadays people make toys that moves I didn't have one in my childhood. You're just beyond gorgeous okay. It's insane.

…………………………………………………ANA DON’T. you are the gorgeous one here okay? I’m dead serious.