A while ago I started a project where I photographed a bunch of female high school greco-roman wrestlers. I never finished it and I totally forgot about it until I was cleaning out and reorganizing one of my hard drives today.. These photos represent the project in its infancy but I Just wanted to share it.

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Kareem Black talks about some of the ups and downs in the photography industry and why it is important to do what you love In the Profoto “Master Series”.

I ran into legendary photographer Bill Cunningham last week at a party… this guy is a legend in the photography community and in popular culture. If you don’t know him check out the documentary “Bill Cunningham New York” When I met him all I could think was ” I want to be like him one day when i grow up”. Photographers, if they are lucky, have careers that last many decades and I’d love, more than anything, to be 89 like Bill one day and still shooting… still making work, still riding my bike through NYC traffic ( which he does)  and still giving a shit. I’ve been shooting for 11 years professionally and I feel like I’m  just now getting the hang of this thing and in the grand scheme of things I’m just a baby or maybe an adolescent just learning what my true voice actually is.. I respect the old masters like Mr. Cunningham so much and I’m honored to have met a few of them.

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Check out this behind the scenes video of my VIBE cover shoot with Robin Thicke and Janelle Monae !