I figured out why I like my crush.

I have a HUGE obsession for Rob Kardashian and I could just omg I can’t even explain it. And now, I suddenly like this douche bag. I was just like why do I like him?! And I saw him from the back and he looks like Rob from the back! He has the rings, the clothes, everything except for that perfect Rob body. He is a douche bag and he is really a flirtatious kind of guy. My “friend” liked him for about 2 years and then last year she just got over him. Because of her, I know most of his tricks.  

anonymous asked:

U still talkin about this? All the kardashian blogs are just posting pics of the kardashisn and u still talkin bout bald head and khloe? Plzzzz move on girl. Ur blog is amazing. Keep posting pics of the kardashian x

This has only been going on today it’s not like I’ll be posting this shit every day. Haha let me be pleeeaase. I’ve been posting pictures throughout the day as well anyway so I can post this stuff too, I don’t see the problem.