Happy Birthday to me!

Yeah, I was that obnoxious kid that loved their birthday when they were younger. I’m 24 now, and I still get excited. I hope that never changes tbh. 

Just wanted to take the opportunity to say thanks again to every single one of you for following, reblogging, liking, leaving me lovely comments, and even some of the not so lovely comments. I can’t believe this blog blew up the way it did, especially considering I just started it out of boredom. You know when people start stealing your stuff, you’re doing something right! 

To those of you who have requested for affiliation, I’m sorry I haven’t put up the links yet! I will be doing it sometime this week. As you can tell, it’s been a little slow around the blog for the last several weeks. I’ve just been focusing more on myself than the blog lately, which is good for me. But I guess, bad for the blog. Planning to get back into the swing of things though! 

Also, if you’re in a giving mood or just really really like me and want to celebrate my birthday, it would make my day if you could either make a donation to the American Heart Association or towards the Pakistan & India Flood Emergency. Any amount would benefit either of these causes greatly. I won’t know if you did it since it goes directly to the organizations but it’d be awesome if you could!

Have a great Wednesday and an amazing October, everyone! <3

- Iman