I ate mullet roe (bottarga) for the first time tonight. It hasn’t really taken off in the states yet, but I foresee a lot of gourmet chefs using it in the future. Such a small amount can go such a long way. It adds a wonderful salty, fishy, smokey flavor to any dish. I know it is used often in a lot of asian countries and am interested to discover more uses for it. 

Stunning presentation at the #kaiseki meal at Rosanjin. Assorted appetizer plate included a type of sea #snail considered a delicacy, #shrimp with #caviar, egg tofu in bonito broth, dried mullet fish roe #karasumi, yuzu kosho miso marinated squid and bamboo shoot, and inside the porcelain fish (ironically) was the most tender #washu beef in ponzu radish sauce. (at Rosanjin)

"Karasumi" or mullet roe is an East Asian delicacy namely in Taiwan and Japan. It is also known as "bottarga" by the Italians.

It’s definitely an acquired taste, similar to caviar- fish eggs. I passed by a whole street that had been sectioned off to dry these golden brown delicacies under the sun.

With Chinese New Year quickly approaching, the prices of these have gone up dramatically. They can run anywhere from $40 to $100+ a piece.

(Aaron’s FB Update): The final strike before I leave the country! Going to burn away all the fats which I’ve gained from eating- turnip cake, sausages, fried fish, dumplings, niangao, karasumi, ‘Buddha Jumps Over the Wall’, Cadina, fried chicken flavoured crisps, pizza and hotpot from Chinese New Year’s Eve to the 3rd day of Chinese New Year! Guiltiness go away.

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LOL I feel so stupid because when I saw your art Karasumi x irina thought they were Gray and Juvia >.< luckily I read the tags (plus I do not know this couple, where is it?) maybe it's my desire to see again one of your drawing of Gray and Juvia. I hope you keep up the good work ♥

Oh really?  A Gruvia shipper uh~ <3 ? Don’t feel stupid for loving your OTP so much ;D ! I find them very cute and I’ll be drawing them for sure in the future ;) Also thank you very much ‘u’

Karasuma sensei and Irina sensei (aka Bitch sensei XD) are from Assassination Classroom ^^ I recommand you to read this manga because it’s very funny and the concept is new (have you ever seen a teacher teaching his students how to kill him ??)