They didn’t have a problem when Petya told them he was about eight feet tall. They only started to laugh when he noted that he needed extra sleeves for his secondary arms, thinking he was joking.

They weren’t laughing after he faxed them a picture of himself.

It’s still a little tight around the arms and waist, but they managed to tailor everything to his size, even giving him a small bit of room in the legs for his double-jointed legs to move in.

While Petya was studying agriculture in college, he took up a part time job at a local club and learned quite a bit before moving on to horse handling at home.

When he was given the offer to work at the ball as one of the bartenders, he signed up rather quickly… Mostly because he figured he could use any money he got from it to fix up the older stables.

While a down-to-earth and happy, mild mannered sort of guy, he can easily pick you up off of the floor and take you to security if you start fights or get a little too close to the other guests, so be on your best behavior!

In which Lusey discovers that drawing big-gutted-muscley-men-with-four-arms is a very difficult feat.

But oh GOSH it feels so good to draw my beetle boy Petya <3 I miss him so, and he gave me an excuse to practice my muscles.

He seems very concerned about the tribbles.

Aaaaaaalooksomethingactuallydecent <3

Oria on a cliche hillside with dorky blocky mountain things in the back.

It was that or a transparent background -shrugs-

But uhh, this is what I get from trying mischief! Oria was made with that and the extra shading and background were made in CS6. I may end up buying Mischief ;u;