Karai Week || 8th of December to 14th December

Thank you everyone who sent in prompts!! They were lovely to read and it was so hard to pick just 7, I hope you guys are happy with my choices.

Day 1 (8th) : Tokyo

Day 2 (9th) : Chains

Day 3 (10th) : Insanity

Day 4 (11th) : Honor

Day 5 (12th) : Photographs

Day 6 (13th) : Holiday

Day 7 (14th) : Trust

You guys can probably tell it got really angsty towards the middle and so I put in some happy ones?? I’m still not ok about Karai’s mutation my god.

I will be tracking #tmntgirlpower and #karaiweek

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Remember to tag~ (A lot of April Week submissions weren’t tagged last time and I had to hunt for them a little)

Lets have fun with this week guys!