My New Happy Place: Kapa'a on Flickr.

Maybe this is what I use to motivate myself. This is the view from the deck at Bubba Burger on Kauai in Kapa'a.

Maybe the goal is this: When I lose 100lbs, I can go back here, and sit on this porch, and watch the puffy white clouds roll by.

That’s a big number.

That’s a ballerina.

Maybe it’s time to ditch Constance (yes, I named my inner ballerina.)

#photofriday We had a lot of rain earlier this week and at one point the waterfalls on the mountain near my house were going off! The picture does not do the view justice but you can get a pretty good idea of how cool and close they are to my new surroundings. Pretty freakin’ awesome me thinks!


Hier mein drittes Video aus Hawaii, dem Paradies auf Erden. Diesmal zeige ich euch die Insel Kauai.

How was your guys's holiday??

Man I’m sucking at this whole blogging something everyday…well I’m back! After being gone for a week in Hawaii, I’m all rested up :) I’ve just been in the greatest mood and I love it, though I am a bit peeved by how cold it is here in Cali… Anywho, I’m really thinking of moving to Hawaii or at least vacationing there at least once a year because it is absolutely beautiful!!!! My fam and I stayed in Kapa'a in Kauai with all the locals, and everyone there is beyond nice and hospitable :) It makes me wish that California had nice people too! But here are the highlights of the best Christmas ever:

  • I walked every single day and had this beautiful scene to wake up to everyday :)

  • I stuffed my face with too much food, especially at the luau! But how awesome is it that these beautiful birds were walking around the gardens freely?

  • Met my lil sister from Alaska

  • Got mistaken for a local and got hit on a lot :3 (Though I wasn’t used to it haha!). Ohh and I got to kayak with this really cute guy who was hitting on me till he found out how old I was…bummer

  • Ohh and also just enjoyed time with the fam :)

But seriously, I am so lucky to have been able to spend the holidays with such amazing people in such a beautiful place. I really am blessed :) What about you guys, how was your holiday??

“The sun set upon the grassy meadow, marking the passing of our first week on the island of Kauai as it cast golden rays that shimmered in the grass and fluttered in the trees.  We walked along the path leading toward home, the wonders we had seen playing through our minds and thankfulness for such an amazing journey illuminating our hearts.”

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