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Music of the Spheres.

Recorded by two automated NASA probes from vibrations produced by the planets and moons of our solar system.

When Voyager I and II made their 5-billion-mile journey across the solar system, the probes recorded electromagnetic waves in the soundless void of space surrounding Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.

The interaction of the solar wind on the planets’ magnetospheres releases ionic particles with vibration frequencies that fall within the range of human hearing. The probes recorded these electromagnetic oscillations as well as:

  • Waves from the magnetosphere
  • Trapped radio waves bouncing between each planet and the inner surface of its atmosphere
  • Electromagnetic field noise in space itself
  • Charged particle interactions of each planet, its moons and solar wind*
  • Waves from charged particle emissions from the rings of some planets

All of these vibrations were recorded on magnetometers, plasma detectors, low-energy charged particle detectors, radio antennas, and instruments that measure cosmic rays and plasma waves. Then, some uncredited artist or artists at NASA translated these wave forms into sound of the same frequencies, selected and arranged them into a more musical form, and put them on an album. The result is an audible collage constructed from various pieces of the music of our solar system. The 5 volume collection - Symphonies of the Planets - was released in 1992 by Laserlight Records. It’s still available through third party sellers on Amazon and other places.

being--consumed said:


2. Favourite singer?
Matt Bellamy

7. Bands or musicians you’ve seen live?
Okkk in order The Kanyu Tree, This Club, Royseven, The 1975, Dizzee Rascal, Muse, Bipolar Sunshine, To Kill A King, Bastille, Soak, Bombay Bicycle Club, Wonder Villians, White Chalk, Josh Record, Hudson Taylor, George Ezra and Ben Howard. By the end of next week I’ll have seen The Killers too.

36. Song(s) that would be the theme song for your life/parts of it?
Just I’m So Fancy on repeat for my whole life

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Blogs you suggest following...

I really like ageofexcellence he not only has a great blog but he also makes music and sells clothes. Rexxisking is good too, kanyus I believe is his blog name, I’m drawing a blank but ill correct myself. I’m sure theirs more other than these, I’ll post some soon.

If I were a thistle in the doorway

Would you step over me?

Or, barefoot, hurrying, eyes upcast,

step on me,

and curse?

Then spray me with Round-up?

Right there at your door.

Would you dig me up with a spade?

Perhaps transplant me?

And would that be

to a garden,

or to the roadside?

Where all the winter salt runs off.

If I were a thistle,

in your doorway.

Will you be that one who waits?

Coming in and going out

Walking around me

as you must.

But looking,


to see that morning

when my crown




to brush the palm of your hand.


~ miaokuancha

image from enversdudecor, via l’echappee belle and coquidv