Gugulethu Wine Show 2013

4pm on Friday afternoon saw a bit of a slow start to this year’s  Gugulethu Wine Festival run by the Cape Wine Academy. As time pushed on, things started to stir and the flocks began pouring in, only to swoop down upon the Kanu Stand. But the Kanu team were ready for action, with brand ambassadors Andrew Imrie, Melissa Tromp and winemaker Johan Grimbeek manning the stand. Even though we only submitted a few of our wines for tasting, people really showed favour to our sweeter wines, with Kanu’s Natural Sweet Shiraz as the star of the evening.

- Johan Grimbeek stands ready for the crowds to start pouring in -

- The family Kanu family came to show support… But somehow I don’t think it was their main aim for the night… -

On the flip side, serious wine fundi’s did show great interest in Kanu’s premium wines, such as the Keystone and especially the GSM.   As many are still new to our brand and wines, curiosity won them over! Soon people were telling their friends about the mythical bird and fabulous wines. Nearing the end of the evening the clients couldn’t help notice the exceptionally jovial mood by all those present – proving that once again the 2013 Gugulethu Wine Festival was a great success!!