My boyfriend is at band practice (ON VALENTINE’S DAY) so I am gonna drown my sorrows in whiskey, Kal Ho Naa Ho, and Boys Over Flowers. He can suck it.

stellawayne replied to your post “stellawayne replied to your post “stellawayne replied to your post…”

I’m glad ur enjoying urself !:D I’m actually gonna name my future child Naina cause I ❤️ the name so much Kanta Ben scenes are my fav in which she thinks Shah Rukh loves Rohit so ;) it’s nice to have met you and listen to euphoria on utube dey r gud

Such a lovely name :D And YES poor Kantaben about to have a heart attack every time. And calling Rohit’s dad!

Likewise <3 And I’ll do that, thank you :3