Yandere!MarcoXListener 2
  • Yandere!MarcoXListener 2
  • Reuben Lack, Michaela Laws
  • SNK Yandere Series


This one was requested as a full commission so I had to oblige <3 Did I mention how much I love Reuben? Cause I do. A LOT. He makes my Yandere!Marco absolutely psycho and I love it.

Marco Bodt - Reuben Lack reubenlackva kankri-is-triggered
Jean/Mix/Script by Michaela Laws


Enjoy~~~ (Follow along with the audio with YOUR script~)


YOUR SITUATION: You have been held captive by Marco for around 3-4 months. Despite the chains constantly keeping you in your room, Marco continued to shower you with affection, food, gifts, and the like to show his love. Eventually, you were released to join him for dinner in the dining room. The scars remain, but you now sit across from Marco Bodt, your captor as the dinner ends. However, it doesn’t end in a way you expected…

(You sit and stare at your half-eaten bowl of soup Marco made for you. Marco puts down his spoon and smiles.) 

Mmm! That was delicious! What do you think? (You don’t reply, turning your attention to the scars on your wrists from the chains. They start to ache and sting in pain, causing you to rub them gently. Marco frowns and sighs.) Look… I’m truly sorry about chaining you up so tightly… I just wanted to make sure that you didn’t run away. I was so afraid that you would and that I’d have to chase you around and bring you back… (Marco gently leans in with a gentle gaze) Heh, but you’ve been so obedient lately. You haven’t tried to run away once. Do you know how happy that makes me? That means you trust me and love me as I love you… I’m glad that I could take those chains off of you.

(Marco leans in further, gently reach out to your hands to examine your wrists.) Do they hu—

(Before he does, however, you both hear a large slam and a voice echo from deep down the hall.) What was that?…

(You hear the voice call for Marco. However, before you say anything, Marco takes your hand and rushes you back out towards your room. Come here. I wanna check this out. I’m sure it’s just a bunch of kids causing trouble. It’s nothing to worry about, right? Right. I’ll send them out. Until then, stay in your room. (Marco tosses you inside the room, panicked. He tries to smile but grips the door handle tightly as he gives you instructions.) I’ll be right back and I’ll bring some dessert or something! Okay? Okay. Stay here. (He slams the door and runs off. However, you don’t hear the door lock…)

(You open the door quietly and sneak out to hear the voice again, only to hear it stop and gag before fading away. You quickly rush after the voice to see who it is to see the kitchen door at the end of the hall. You slowly walk towards it, facing it as you hear Marco’s voice also appear with the gagging victim.)

You really thought you could take her away from me?! Do you really think I’m THAT weak?! No one in the legion gave a SHIT about you until I became your friend. Shadis respects me more than you. What are you? Some pathetic privileged brat who thinks that he’ll be safe from the titans if he hides in the inner walls. Well, guess what? You don’t have to worry about the titans anymore~ You don’t have to worry about ANYTHING anymore! ESPECIALLY NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!! (You hear a stab) SHE’S MINE!! (Another stab) SHE NEVER LIKED YOU!! (Stab Stab) SHE’D NEVER LEAVE WITH YOU!! SHE LOVES ME!! ME!!!!! (You hear stab upon stab, the sounds of blood gushing from each exit of the stab from behind the door, causing you to freeze and stare at the wood trying to figure out what was going on.)

Finally… she’s all mine…

(You finally grow the courage to open the door, regretting immediately after. On the floor, you see Jean’s dead body, covered with multiple stab wounds with a large kitchen knife embedded in his chest. Marco, face and chest bloodied from the event, looks back at you with crazed eyes and a giggle.) I told you~ I told you to stay in your room… It was nothing, see? Just a stupid pony who lost his way… I took care of him~ I took care of him REALLY well… and now, and now there’s no one in the world that will try to separate us… No One~…

(As Marco fully turns to you, his face grows upset and dark.) I was going to come back with a special cake I made just for you… but you didn’t listen to me… you came out of your room when I TOLD YOU to stay in it…

Do I have to punish you like I did Jean? Do I? (Marco takes the knife out of Jean’s body and rushes at you, causing you to back up quickly away from him.) DO I?!

(Marco enters the hall with you, slamming the door behind him, and chuckles darkly, now completely lost in his dark thoughts.) OH~ Don’t Worry~ I’ll take GOOD care of you if you behave after your punishment! You have NOTHING to fear.. If. You. Obey.

I just have to chain you up again… REALLY… TIGHTLY…



Cr9nus Amp9ra.

Assuming that y9u even rem9tely 6elieve that this s9rt 9f statement w9uldn’t make me unc9mf9rtable, y9u g9 and make th9se remarks. Frankly, I will n9t stand f9r it. 9ur private affairs sh9uld and will 6e kept private f9r the sake 9f us and every9ne ar9und us. What we d9 with 9ne an9ther in 9ur spare time if 9f a6s9lutely n9 imp9rtance t9 a pers9n 9r tr9ll 9utside this particular circle 9f kn9wledge, which is t9 say that I will n9t be answering this ask 9n a pu6lic 6l9g.

9n t9p 9f all this, wh9 was t9 say I was the least 6it interested in this kind 9f 9ffer? Y9u 9f all pe9ple sh9uld kn9w my v9w 9f cele6acy, and that al9ne sh9uld 6e reas9n en9ugh t9 st9p y9urself fr9m asking such vulgar questi9ns. Let’s pretend, f9r argument’s sake, that I was feeling harassed 6y this repetitive 6ehavi9r. What w9uld st9p me fr9m rep9rting y9u t9 a higher p9wer than y9u? Perhaps s9me9ne such as Meenah? (Th9ugh, 9n sec9nd th9ught, she d9esn’t think very highly 9f me either…)

In c9nclusi9n, Amp9ra, I want t9 simply inf9rm y9u that y9ur udder lack 9f tact is unrefined and a 6it gaudy. Sh9uld y9u want t9 ask such questi9ns relating t9 any s9rt 9f red relati9nship in the future, private messages sh9uld be l99ked int9 first 6ef9re res9rting straight t9 a pu6lic f9rum. 9nly then will I give y9u my full agreement t9…. certain circumstances regarding 9ur relati9nship. In a private setting, I will give y9u my full permissi9n t9 arrive at my hive at appr9ximately 30 minutes past the h9ur 9f 8 human time…