time of the season (by Olivia Lopez)

Youth is great, and these days the youth are simply amazing.

It’s the cardigan, the what-looks-like a Chanel bag and the retro looking camera (which resembles my Olympus EP3; it’s a Canon) that caught my attention. But of course, it’s the over 900 hypes she received that lead me to her look.

I love the Autumn feel, the outfit, and her blog!

I’m so tempted to buy that cardigan… pity I can’t seem to find it. Maybe I’ll have better luck ransacking KandyKayne?

I love my #iPhone4S ! It has the sooo many awesome photo editing apps - the photo you see is put together with the apps!

Top left photo: Top is KandyKayne (Bugis Street outlet), pants from The Scarlet Room, bangles bought at Scape flea market, and necklace bought at Bali.

Bottom left photo: Dress from ThyPaperCrane.

Right photo: Dress and bag from Perry Amber (launching soon), shoes from Alice, and Ray-ban sunglasses. Note: For the shoes, I recommend getting from Xquisis (good experience so far; get 5 percent discount if you code “xqsabrina”) instead of Alice. The price range is about the same but the quality difference is obvious. I barely wore it 5 times and the inner sole is completely out of place, had to throw it away.

Fyi, blogged about the dress in the photo on the right, previously. Just to repeat myself, the dress is “designed” by me for the Perry Amber label and will be release at my online boutique shortly. So, if you’re interested, wait for it!

(Taken with instagram)