me being me

so due to work im sure so many noticed my horrible typing. point it out i dont care. i wont change it. i hurt myself really bad. but at least i know how to spell bored unlike an idiot on tumblr spreading lies about my good friends. to those who follow me make sure not to go near the idiot who cant spell bored. what is a boerd. seriously. they complain about me. this is a person on aywas who digs up and causes drama trying to hurt the people wanting it gone. they are drama llamas and should be reported for cyber terrorism. but my friend wont do it. hes too kind. its funny they have a giant post about me on here lol. wanna know who really started the crap thats right ms perfect. so before you go forth and find who really is digging up the drama look no further its right there. see anything before it. nope. nothing about her nothing from anyone else. there you go ladies and gents.