Variety announced that iconoclast Japanese director Takashi Miike (“Audition,” “13 Assassins”) is set to direct a live-action adaptation of the manga “As God Says.” The “Battle Royale”-like premise involves a group of classmates playing a game in which the penalty is death: http://www.cityonfire.com/takashi-miike-to-direct-battle-royale-esque-as-god-says/

Kamiki Ryunosuke

Since today is our little boy’s birthday, I thought why not compile my discovery of this awesome person called Kamiki Ryunosuke. Many of you already had me ramble at different times about it, but this is a self reminder too. This is as compiled as I can.

So, I’m a very recent fan - and that’s thanks to Rurouni Kenshin. Seta Soujirou is the sole reason I discovered Kamiki Ryunosuke, and that’s why that’ll always be my favorite role of his. Besides the fact that Soujirou is an incredibly important character for me, he was also the only factor that made me discover such a person that brings so much joy to me :)

My reaction at first was not impressive. Just a: “hm, this kid looks nice to play Soujirou. He’s recognizable at least”.
Next day checked the trailer again, and then it finally sank in: “well -damn-, that kid is pretty. He really looks great to play Soujirou. Who is this person?”
And there I go to search for a ‘Kamiki Ryusuke’ ahahah I couldn’t remember his name right at all! So I had to just copy-paste it the first times.
As stupid as it sounds, it hit me even more when I realized how young he was. I knew he was young, but I expected him to be like 17/18, I didn’t expect him to be so closer to my age. I started wide-eyed at his birthdate, and then to the scenes from the trailers and was like “Are you serious? This kid is younger than me! My goodness, those fighting moves are impressive!”

Since we were back in like July/August at the time, there was obviously no way to see the movie and see how well he did as Soujirou, and after devouring every single bit of interviews/making ofs/footage available, I just sent asks and messages to a lot of people around here (my, how patient you all were XD) asking about opinions and info on the movie. People here proved to be really friendly, and I’m very glad.

I had to see more of Kamiki, and since there was no RuroKen, I had to search for something else. My searches and tumblr then presented me Henshin.

Even more friendly people helped me yet again, but Henshin was very complicated to watch at the time, being a very recent drama. So again, I had to go for something else, never forgetting how much I wanted to see it, RuroKen and Henshin now stored.

Then came SPEC.

Not knowing there were 6 parts of the story, I couldn’t find the drama first so instead I started with the movie SPEC Ten/Heaven. I loved Ninomae. Then I found the drama, and watched it in a row to episode 7 because I wanted to see the awesome scenes I’d peeked from youtube videos. There’s not much Ninomae until episode 7, as you know, that’s why I kept going, always expecting to see him. Then the next night, finally reached episode 8 and from there on you can’t stop.

I loved SPEC, but I haven’t re-watch it fully since August. Sure thing, I’ve seen Shou and Rei specials, re-watched some parts, showed and talked about SPEC to several people, but whenever I re-watch episode 8, 9 or 10, the feeling from that time returns. It’s pretty bittersweet.
Touma and Ninomae touched a nerve that had been left dormant yet again, so I’m thankful in a way for it.

Kazoku Game followed, and by then I had been emerged in so much constant Japanese sound I caught myself making my usual mental comments about daily life in Japanese! can you imagine when I caught myself thinking in Japanese? Best feeling in the world, seriously. I still haven’t been able to do that spontaneously again!
Also, Shinichi’s ending was like a version of Soujirou’s breakdown, so I was thrilled to see a form of my beloved little boy (since the movies were far from being released yet)

11 Nin mo Iru! was started at October 6th. Their mother died on October 6th. Can you imagine how awesome it was for me to realize I was watching it 'in the correct time’?

Kamisama no Iutoori

looks at the trailer: 'hm, another movie with Kamiki. Might as well check the trailer. Hm, this is weird. Meh, not interested.”

Next day, going through the tag: “Yeah, that’s that movie from yesterday. Let me check it again. Oh wow, he does look beautiful. And this teaser makes it look kinda intriguing. What the hell is this anyway? Manga? Let me read it.”
Two nights later: “Yep, Kamisama no Iutoori is one hell of an entertaining manga. Glad Kamiki plays Amaya.”
When the first official images came out, me staring wide-eyed at them: “Holy shit I’m so dumb! He looks exactly like someone I know! They even have the same damn mark/mole on their face!”

then December arrived and I was finally able to see Henshin :) I’ll never express my gratitude enough. My goodness, how much I loved it, even better than I expected. Even more so because I had never seen something with japanese subs, and I had never understand so much without any form of translation. I shocked myself.

RuroKen movies were better than I hoped too. The breakdown was better than I hoped, and I was starting to fear my expectation would blow it.

Gakkou no Kaidan was an awesome experience because it was shared 'live’ with all the people from tumblr. It was great.

I talk about Kamiki in my daily life frequently, enough that I don’t need to explain whom I’m talking about when I say “my little boy” (and I’ve had people asking 'so how’s your kid?’ ahah In Portuguese, there’s a slang/familiar/casual way of adressing children/other people’s children, and the closest translation I can give it is 'kid’. So it’s like I’m talking about my son XD)

And because of him, I was able to talk to people from literally the other side of the world who know so much more about him than I do! That makes me so happy :)
I really admire this guy because of how humble and kind he is, specially when you consider how much fame and pressure he must have since such an early age. His parents sure did a good job raising him, and he sure did a good job into becoming an awesome and talented young man :) I truly wish he’ll have happy experiences through life and wish him all the best, and I don’t wish that to many people