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Honestly, forgot to do any Skate Punk and have just had this on repeat forever.

God, it’s so good…

Trap music is incredible.

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The history of Angkor as the central area of settlement of the historical kingdom of Kambujadesa is also the history of the Khmer kingdom from the 9th to the 13th centuries.[3]

From Kambuja itself — and so also from the Angkor region — no written records have survived other than stone inscriptions. Therefore the current knowledge of the historical Khmer civilization is derived primarily from:

Archaeological excavation, reconstruction and investigation

Stone inscriptions (most important are foundation steles of temples), which report on the political and religious deeds of the kings

Reliefs in a series of temple walls with depictions of military marches, life in the palace, market scenes and also the everyday lives of the population

Reports and chronicles of Chinese diplomats, traders and travellers.

Today its part of modern day Thailand.

Directed by : Ton Cooiman

Cinema Restoration Project