Poor Kambri

So yesterday, while i was at work, she ended up falling up some stairs just outside our house. Yeah, fell up. She had a bloody nose, and was shaken up pretty bad. It swelled and so we ended up taking her to the hospital.

Turns out she is just fine. We had to do two x-rays, but she was a champ throughout the entire thing. No fractures, no cracks, no breaks, just a bruise that looks like someone hit her in the face with a golf club.

I am proud to be her Dad, and i hope she can feel how proud i am of her, and how much i love her. 

Oh! I also taught her how to fist bump the other day, and now she says “gimme some bones” and when i say “where does the dog go?” she tries to say “to the pound” and we fist bump. The x-ray nurse was pretty surprised by the fist bump kambri gave after she got a sucker.

Top 20 Made Up Baby Names Of 2014

1. Jace 

2. Arabella 

3. Neveah (I personally don’t really like this one)

4. Jaxen

5. Cambrie/Kambrie 

6. Aaralyn

7. Legend

8. Cannon

9. Abriel

10. Zyler

11. Bronx

12. Marvel

13. Pistol

14. Sailor 

15. Alexavior 

16. Dayton

17. Nash

18. Holland 

19. Grier 

20. Brynlie 

Took the girls to their first haunted house. There were no scary people around just the decorations to look at. Alice enjoyed it kambri was frightened and just cuddled with daddy.