American Horror Story: Coven {FaceQ Addition}

Zoe Benson, Kyle Spencer
Nan, Queenie
Madison Montgomery, Misty Day
Fiona Goode, Cordelia Foxx
Myrtle Snow, Kaylee

It’s been one year since I lost one of my closest friends to me Kaylee Rizzo. For someone with so much heart you were taken from this world too soon. I wish I had more time with you. All the road trips we talked about and how we’d be bridesmaids in each others weddings. Our inside jokes on “Snape”. God how I miss you. Rest in peace love. I’ll see you soon


Today I nominate Joss Wheadon as one of the greatest writers to write in T.V or film. I say this now not because of the storyline’s or plot in his T.V shows or films(which are great), but in his dialogue. I haven’t heard dialogue this inspiring since Frank Darabont.

Nearly all of firefly’s dialogue is very encouraging. Now to my main point which will be presented in gif and picture form. Enjoy.