Why Saying “Let’s Go To Church” Is Bad Theology

A wonderful reminder that rebuked me! We don’t “go to church”, rather we “come together to meet with the church” because WE ARE THE CHURCH! 


Here’s a cop who can look his children in the face and be proud of the example he’s setting.

His last statement, “There’s a war coming” was surprising. He doesn’t seem like the violent type. I wonder what he meant by that.

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EXCLUSIVE: Florida cop arrested for refusing to remove Guy Fawkes SPEAKS OUT

Blackpool's Previous Winners - Dance Comp Review

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Blackpool’s Previous Winners

Exactly in one month, the whole world of Competitive  Ballroom Dancing will come to a halt! Why? Because it’s Blackpool Dance Festival Time!!!

Every year, hundreds of couples from all over the world are coming to one place for one purpose: To compete at one of the oldest and most prestigious dancesport competitions in the world – Blackpool Dance Festival. Exactly one year ago at around same time a posted a rather historical article on how it started with the [Dance Story Behind Blackpool], but this time we were able to locate a few videos dedicated to the Professional Latin & Standard Champions (made by Szymon Kalinowski & Grazyna Grabitska), all the way from early 1930s to the present days:





McDonald's to develop new turnaround plan as sales fall again

In his first quarterly conference call with investors and analysts, CEO Steve Easterbrook described himself as a “champion of simplicity” who values personal accountability and “progress over perfection.” He took the helm on March 1 following one of McDonald’s most dismal years on record. Easterbrook plans to unveil his plan for turning McDonald’s into a “modern, progressive burger company” on May 4. “Folks hoping for a near-term rise in the stock may be hanging their hat on hopes that McDonald’s can spark some pizzazz in investors that day,” Janney Montgomery Scott analyst Mark Kalinowski wrote in a note. Easterbrook said he planned to change the way consumers think about McDonald’s and the quality of its food. http://q.gs/8DEcE

Chipotle shares sink as pork shortage cuts into sales

NEW YORK (AP) – Concerns over a shortage of pork drove shares of Chipotle lower before the opening bell Wednesday.

The Mexican food chain has been facing a shortage since January when it suspended a major supplier over animal welfare concerns. The suspension may have signaled that the company is focusing more on food ingredients and standards, but it is has also resulted in a shortage of carnitas, which account for 6 to 7 percent of entree orders.

The drop in carnitas sales, coupled with bad weather, have weighed on Chipotle’s same-store sales growth, a key measure of retailer health. The Denver-based company reported 10.4 percent sales growth in the first three months of the year, falling short of Wall Street expectations for 11.7 percent growth.

Chipotle is working with suppliers to restore pork supplies to normal levels in its roughly 1,800 restaurants by the fourth quarter, which begins in October.

Janney Capital Markets analyst Mark Kalinowski remains optimistic about the company, citing its first-quarter profit results and ability to control costs. He said food and packaging costs were below expectations, along with general costs.

Shares of Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. fell $36.52, or 5.3 percent, to $656 in premarket trading about two hours before the market open.

[ Authors ]
Philip Diessner, Jan Kalinowski, Wojciech Kotlarski, Dominik Stöckinger
[ Abstract ]
We present the impact of two-loop corrections on the mass of the lightest Higgs boson in the Minimal R-symmetric Supersymmetric Standard Model (MRSSM). These shift the Higgs boson mass up by typically 5 GeV or more. The dominant corrections arise from strong interactions, from the gluon and its N=2 superpartners, the sgluon and Dirac gluino, and these corrections further increase with large Dirac gluino mass. The two-loop contributions governed purely by Yukawa couplings and the MRSSM $\lambda,\Lambda$ parameters are smaller. We also update an earlier analysis [Diessner:2014ksa], which showed that the MRSSM can accommodate the measured Higgs and W boson masses. Including the two-loop corrections increases the parameter space where the theory prediction agrees with the measurement.

Zomato makes life easier for bloggers

It’s no secret that I love Zomato. It’s my go to app for all things foodie. Whenever I travel to a country that has the app in use I rely heavily on it to ensure I eat at the best and most affordable restuarants. I’ve written about travelling with Zomato before. If you head over to my Zomato profile you’ll see a stack of London restuarant check ins and photos.

I also got a chance to share a coffee with Alexandra Kalinowski, who works in the Zomato office in the UK. One of the reasons I love the food sharing app is because they constantly engage with their users to make the entire experience better. One of the things they’ve introduced is that if you use #zomato on your Instagram posts it will immediately push your pictures to the Zomato app, so you won’t need to repost in a trillion different places.

Zomato recently purchased Urbanspoon which is a very similar app used in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK and the US. One of the things about Urbanspoon was that it made it really easy for bloggers to share their food posts or restuarant reviews with the app as opposed to having to re blog everything in app. Alexandra shared with me that we can expect this service to be rolled across the Zomato app. You’ll need to add a widget to your WordPress or Blogger blog, but once you’ve done that and select to share – your review will automatically share on your Zomato profile without you having to copy and paste or move everything over! Yay!

I cannot wait. There’s a few other exciting changes coming including the reintroduction of leader boards. Any competition that encourages you to eat is one I can get behind!

Do you use Zomato? What would you like to see on the app?

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My new drawing! On Friday I went to art shop, where I bought some new pens. So that’s the effect:) In real that character is about 22 cm tall. 

Mój najnowszy rysunek! W piatek byłem w sklepie plastycznym, gdzie kupiłem pare nowych cienkopisów. Oto i efekt:) W rzeczywistości postać ma około 22 cm wysokości:)

McDonald's relations with franchisees hit new low: survey

McDonald’s Corp’s relations with its U.S. franchisees have hit a fresh low as the fast-food giant’s new chief executive fights to turn around its domestic business amid fierce competition, according to a survey released Wednesday. Relations “are the worst I have ever seen!” said one of the 32 franchisees participating in the monthly survey, published by Janney Capital Markets restaurant analyst Mark Kalinowski. Franchisees’ survey responses were based on a scale, with 1 being “poor” and 5 being “excellent”. Franchisees’ six-month business outlook rating fell to 1.81, meaningfully below the 2.8 survey’s historical average, Kalinowski said. http://q.gs/8C5BW