Inside Rick Owens & Michele Lamy’s Paris Home:

Photo I: Sculpture by Horst Egon Kalinowski in the meeting 

Photo II:  In the library, the couch, triangular stool and shelving all designed by RO

Photo III: A daybed covered in suede with a sable blanket, both by Owens, whose designs are sold through Salon 94 in New York City and Gallerie Pierre-Marie Giraud in Brussels.

Photo IV: An installation of objects on Owens’s desk includes a skull and Roc crystals.

Photo V: Owens’s minimalist shower

Photo VI: A brass-topped table by Owens

Photo VII: The Owens-designed bed is pine plywood covered in cashmere felt.

Photo VIII: Owens leans against a concrete sink in a bathroom he designed.

Photos by. François Halard


Mischief Managed.

"Kalinowski said that the juvenile males she saw a year ago made a lasting impression on her. I asked her why and she said that she felt sorry for the male she suspects was Dylan Klebold because the second male seemed to get very angry with him when he started to answer her questions. She said that was the reason she tried to see the second males face more closely. She said that the second male appeared to be in charge and the first male seemed to be aware that he had made a mistake in talking to her”