Show of hands if you ever thought you’d see two different Black Supermen in two high-profile comics from DC Comics (Grant Morrison’s upcoming Multiversity and the regular Earth-2 series).

But still, let’s keep it real.

These aren’t characters in the main DC Universe, whatever that is nowadays. And as Molly Danger creator Jamal Igle reminds folks in this article, Superman’s a brand.  

Still … how awesome is this?

This is so rude!

Honest to god I am getting so sick of Kalel and believe me it has nothing to do with her dating Anthony or me shipping Ianthony, OR me loving Melanie! It simply has to do with the fact that this girl can’t just STOP! Like I’m all for everyone having opinions and beliefs OBVIOUSLY! But when you say you are simply trying to educate and inform people rather than forcing your beliefs on them but then blatantly disrespect everyone who does not share your particular belief, it is not only hypocritical and annoying but it is also EXTREMELY RUDE! Like I’m so damn sorry that I have absolutely no problem eating meat and think it’s completely natural! Like damn! Kalel needs to stop alienating and calling out her viewers that eat meat just bc she thinks it’s so horrible! There is nothing wrong with choosing to be vegan like go you! But I (and a lot of other people) don’t want to be vegan nor do I want to be preached to about it! I have made my choice and I have no problem with it! So please respect that and just STOP! ✋