Moar Tag! :D

I was tagged by: aflockofseacows

Nickname: Su, Sukie, Majsan, Majsy

Birthday: March 6th

Star sign: Pisces, the fishes.

Gender: I’m a lady *sips tea*

Height: never remember… 160-something centimeters?

Sexual Orientation: Somewhere in the middle of the spectrum I suspect, but I am happily married and faithful to my husband ( who is a total hottie ), so I feel no need to explore anything else :D

Favorite color: Golds and Teals. Warm happy colors.

Time and date at the current moment: Friday 17th of April ( aren’t these posts timestamped anyway? )

Average hrs of sleep: 6 - 9. Sometimes a couple less, sometimes a couple more. Depends on when the dog sees it fit to wake me.

The last thing I googled: baseball bat pun. Pictures of baseballs with bat wings pretty much.

First word that comes to mind: Hungry.

One place that makes me happy: The woods outside my house.

How many blankets do I sleep under: One thick one.

Favorite fictional character: Moomin

Favorite famous person: Going to see feliciadayofficial at MCM hopefully, she seems like a fun person :)

Celebrity crush: None I can think of right now.

Favorite books: Love Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series!

Favorite anime: Moomin ( I swear I’m not just copying Manatee, Moomin is just the best! )

Favorite shows: Better Call Saul, Community, GoT and Steven Universe have my attention at this time. Firefly and Buffy are my go to shows for re-watching.

Favorite musician/bands: http://hinmusic.com/lyssna/

Favorite games: KoToR, Morrowind, Kings Quest ( 7 especially ) and Heroes of Might and Magic have never failed me. Phantasmagoria for nostalgia reasons.

Last movie I’d seen in the cinema: Exodus with my father and brother.

Dream Holiday: Japan and Korea, for shopping and family visiting.

Dream job: Children’s book illustrator, as successful one, as in; having a steady income and receiving fan letters from kids who just learned to read and write :D
That would be amazing!

Wearing right now: layers of warm things.

Last book I read: Son of a Witch, by Gregory Maguire

I tag : madamezolah, konfuse and kaleidomicroscopic

kaleidomicroscopic replied to your photo: stophatingyourbody: This is me. I suffer from…

You are so beautiful, stylish, and STRONG! I suffer from chronic muscle spasms and pain, but this really puts things into perspective for me! Keep on going, girlie!

<3 Thank you! But you shouldn’t feel like the things you suffer from are any less important/serious than what I go through. You are just as strong and amazing! ^_^