Europe 2014 Days 31-32: Left Hvar, and our new friends, behind and got the car ferry to Korcula, another beautiful medieval town on an island of the same name. An amazing longhorn beetle landed on the ferry’s railings as we were passing Hvar town and stayed all the way to Korcula, preening his super-long antennae and cleaning his legs. We camped at Camp Kalac, in a cozy, woody plot, and spent the next day snorkelling off a beach just past the nearby town of Lumbarda. I followed an octopus for ages, watching it change colour, shape and texture to match grasses, sand, rocks and shadows. Unfortunately we’ve got no underwater photography capabilities, so no photos, but rest assured it was a beaut!

We had cocktails up one of the old guard towers in Korcula overlooking the sea that night, where you have to climb up a ladder through a trapdoor to get to the top, and drinks come up on a pulley. The moon went all dramatic for us, and we had a great view of the bell tower. Beautiful Korcula.

All Kalace wanted to be was a knight in shining armor for his princess.

not working out too well.

actually, Nine decided to make him a lancer on TR because she missed playing as him.
But didn’t need another sorc.
So he’s gonna have the fun of being beaten around by bams now!