Tour au temple de Kalabsha Musée Nubien à Assouan

Excursion magnifique à Assouan depuis Assouan. Profitez de la Ville la plus ensoleillée du sud de l'Egypte. Visitez le temple de Kalabsha et le musée nubien, découvrez la civilisation nubienne, faites une croisière pour visiter le temple de Kalabsha situé sur l'ile de Kalabsha dédié au dieu de la fertilité, le dieu nubien Marol, et le Musée Nubien, inauguré en 1997 abrite les trésors nubiens. Le musée présente l'histoire de la Nubie, de la préhistoire jusqu'à son inondation par le lac Nasser.

Lake Nasser Cruise

Cruise the river in comfort and style; On board Lake Nasser Cruise you will have the opportunity to enjoy the Nile River, and tours to the most wonderful sightseeing in Upper Egypt, enjoy sailing between Aswan and Abu Simbel on Board Lake Nasser Cruise with Shaspo Tours.

Get the chance with Lake Nasser Cruise to visit Kalabsha Temple, which dates back to Roman times, next tour to visit Beit El Wali it is the oldest temple dedicated to king Ramses II in Lower Nubia, continue your Lake Nasser Cruise to visit the kiosk of Kertassi and more with Shaspo Tours.

In addition with Lake Nasser Cruise, enjoy an excursion to visit Wadi el Sebou, which built by Ramses II, The name Wadi el-Seboua means the Valley of the Lions and the temple surrounded with 2 colossi of Ramses II.

Next Tour with Lake Nasser Cruise to explore the temple of Dakka, was built by the Nubian Agher Amon who ruled at the time of King Ptolemy II, then move to visit Temple of Meharakka and more tours with Luxury Lake Nasser Nile Cruise.

Lake Nasser Cruise offer variety of Nile Cruise, for example MS Eugenie, MS Nubian Sea Lake Nasser Cruises, one of the best is MS Kasr Ibrim.

Price start from $ 237

3 nights / 4 days Abu Simbel – Aswan


1st Day – Wednesday - Arrive Abu Simbel

Arrival in Abu Simbel to board the Kasr Ibrim, Lunch on board, with Lake Nasser Cruise visit the Abu Simbel temples, A welcome cocktail will be served, Sound & Light show at Abu Simbel temples (non-compulsory, ticket not Included) followed by a candlelight dinner on board. Nubian song and dance performance is given on board by the children of Abu Simbel.

2nd Day – Thursday - Kasr Ibrim / Amada

Sailing to Kasr Ibrim, Tour conducted from the ship sun deck as entrance to the site of Kasr Ibrim

is not permitted, Sailing to Amada, moreover with Lake Nasser Cruise visit the temples of Amada and Derr as well as the tomb of Penout, Afternoon sail to Wadi El Seboua, visit to the temple of Wadi El Seboua, the temples of Dakka, and Meharakka, Dinner on board

3rd Day – Friday

Breakfast on board, Sail to Aswan, A cocktail is served when passing the Tropic of Cancer, Lunch on board, Around 15:00 pm arrival to Kalabsha temple, Visit the Kalabsha temple, Beit El Wali and the Kiosk of Kertassi, Dinner and overnight on board.

4th Day – Saturday

End of cruise and disembarkation after breakfast.

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Tour au temple de Kalabsha Musée Nubien à Assouan

Excursion au temple de #Kalabsha et au musée nubien à #Assouan, découvrez la civilisation nubienne, faites une croisière depuis Assouan pour visiter le magnifique temple de Kalabsha situé sur l'ile de Kalabsha dédié au dieu de la fertilité, le dieu nubien Marol, et le Musée Nubien, inauguré en 1997 et qui abrite les trésors nubiens

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Aswan Tours

If you looking for happiness vacation ever, Aswan Tours offer amazing excursions to feel the entertainment and charming, you will have the chance to visit The Unfinished Obelisk, Philae Temple, The High Dam and more with Shaspo Tours.

With Aswan Tours enjoy Nile Cruise; enjoy a wonderful excursion to visit The High Dam, Unfinished Obelisk, Kom Ombo Temple, Edfu Temple, visit Valley of the Kings and more.

Moreover with Aswan Tours, enjoy visit Luxor including the east Bank include visit Karnak & Luxor Temple, the West Bank which include Hatshepsut Temple, Valley of the kings, Valley of the queens and more with Shaspo Tours deals.

In addition with Aswan Tours, visit Abu Simbel is one of the amazing things to do in Aswan, Start your spectacular tour to visit Ramsses II Temple, then proceed to visit his wife Temple “ Nefertari Temple”.

Get More about Nubian Lifestyle with Aswan Tours while visiting Nubian Museum and Kalabsha Temple Tour, Enjoy visit the Nubian Museum, it hosts 3000 monumental pieces of several times which was lost at lake Nasser, then move to explore Kalabsha Temple, t has classical design return to the Ptolemaic period, and was built by Toutmosis II and Amenophis II and more with Aswan Tours.

One of the amazing Aswan Tours is Temple of Philae Sound and Light Show.

Price start from $ 27


Shaspo Tours representative will pick you up from your hotel in Aswan, transfer by air-conditioned van to The Sound and light show at Philae Temple, With Aswan Tours it is amazing show with its special effective lights, increase your information about the ancient Egyptian History by listening to the music and narration through concert, Sound & light show  that will give you information as well to know the story of Philae Temple, as before the high dam the water level was raised, and Philae Temple was flooded each year from December to about March, and visitors were using boats to visit Philae Temple during these months, At the end of your tour transfer back to your hotel in Aswan.

Program includes:

  • Pick up from your hotel in Aswan
  • Excursion to the Sound & light show at Philae Temple as mentioned in program
  • Entrance fees to the Sound & light show
  • English speaking escort
  • Bottle of Mineral Water to Each person
  • All transfers by air-conditioned van
  • All service charges and taxes
  • Transfer back to your hotel in Aswan at the end of your tour

Program does not include:

  • Visa to Egypt
  • Any other optional tours if required
  • Tipping

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