VIZ will be publishing Kakashi Hiden, Shikamaru Hiden & Sakura Hiden

Viz will publish Naruto: Kakashi’s Story in November, followed by Naruto: Shikamaru’s Story in February 2016 and Naruto: Sakura’s Story in May 2016. The same novels have just debuted in Japan on February 4, March 4, and April 3, respectively.

Shueisha scheduled the next three novels — Konoha Hiden, Gaara Hiden, and Akatsuki Hiden — on May 1, June 4, and July in Japan.

The 72nd and final English manga volume will debut in print and in digital form in October. Shueisha published the same volume on February 4.

Before you talk shit about Hatake Kakashi, read this.

1. Kakashi’s mother was never in the picture. (Possibly death at childbirth or a very young age, so Kakashi doesn’t even remember her.)

2. Kakashi’s father kills himself and the boy finds his dead body, him having witnessed the horror of losing his only parent at such a young age. (around 8 to 12 years old)

3. His own father killed himself after being ridiculed for abandoning a mission to protect his comrades.

4. Kakashi was afraid to show his face for the entirety of the rest of his life. He was afraid to see his reflection and see his father staring back at him. He was afraid of being recognized and shunned like his father had been. So he hid himself from the rest of the world.

5. After the death of his father, Kakashi swore to uphold the rules and regulations, even if it meant leaving his friends and comrades behind for the sake of a mission. He was taught to be this way after what the village did to his father. He didn’t want the same pain and torment that his father had to burden.

6. In the path he believed was right, Kakashi ultimately lost what was more important to him than any written rule. His best friend/rival, Obito Uchiha sacrificed his life to save Kakashi in the midst of a battle to rescue their captured teammate and the one Obito loved, Rin.

7. Obito was saved by Madara, only to later on witness Kakashi unintentionally kill the girl he swore to protect by Obito’s dying words, Rin, when she committed suicide by Kakashi’s hand to protect him and their village.

8. Kakashi lived in regret, for years after that. His heart grew dark and he used his abilities to show no mercy on the enemy he ever came into contact with. He barely socialized, he isolated himself. Nightmares haunted him, and he could never seem to wash the blood off of his hands. He considered himself Shinobi trash and did throughout his entire life.

9. He lost his only friend, his Sensei Minato, the day the nine-tails attacked the village. He was unable to help in the fight and stood back as the Fourth Hokage sacrificed himself to save them all, sealing the beast inside his son.

10. Kakashi lived on to protect that very boy, training him to become what he is today. He protected that boy with his life, even knowing what was inside of him. He saw Obito in the boy. He wanted to make things right. He thought he could fix his mistakes and become a better person.

11. He witnessed the boy give his own life to protect and save his teammate from the wrong path. He could do nothing but arrive too late, watching as he lay lifeless on the ground. He saw so much of Obito in that little boy. He tried so hard to teach his team the right path, and to not go astray.

12. Yet again he considered himself a failure to himself and the boy. Nothing he ever did was right. He tried so hard but everything came back at him with force.

13. Kakashi lost everything. He lost his entire family, all of his teammates and friends. He considered himself a failure as a Jounin and lived in regret for what he had done. He vowed show no emotion ever, even though he was burning on the inside. He was always in pain even if he didn’t think he was.

14. Kakashi never took revenge. He always remained loyal to his village, his subordinates and his friends. He would protect them with his own life, no hesitation. He would constantly put himself in harms way, leading in battles and holding all of the burdens on his shoulders alone. He never backed down, never gave up, never said no. He was always there when they needed him the most and he always pulled though. He honored his word to his friend Obito, even if he thinks that he never did. Kakashi was the most loyal and amazing person. He never considered the path of evil. No matter what life threw at him. Kakashi Hatake was a great man and he earned the title of Hokage. Just as the boy did, under Kakashi’s care and training.



He is just so embarrassed!!!  Look at this big tough ninja having anxiety over reading aloud a romance novel!!  You poor thing, you could have just handed the book to someone else!

I really like these small things we learn about Kakashi.  Having anxiety over reading aloud a book he proudly reads in public.  I feel you Kakashi, I feel you.