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What's the matter Vanille? Don't you want to chase the rabbit anymore?


They had just finished their practice, and Vanille was chasing after her male partner as he had stolen the bleeding heart that held her braid in place right out of her hair.

"Kajmir! Kajmir return that to me at once!" she yelped, darting over a couch and subsequently, over Rory. The Toxichamp ducked, then let out an involuntary sneeze as her skirt tails brushed over his nose. The rest of the Pokemon in the living room laughed at this, and Vanille scrambled after Kajmir still.

"I am most willing to return it to you baby but you need to give me a kiss first~" the Bishedge teased, tapping one finger against his lips. Vanille gave him a smile and finally managed to get in front of him, snatching the flower out of his hand and pressing her lips to his cheek.

"That’s all you get~" she purred, and he pouted, and with a great huff Vanille untangled her braid. As she walked toward a couch Kajmir followed after her, thwarting all of her attempts to redo her braid.

Eventually the two made it to the couch, resulting in the Syldevoir settling on the Bishedge’s lap, leaning against him. As per usual his hand crept right up onto her chest and she didn’t mind, and held his hand there with both of hers.

"Darling you are being a little bit frisky at the moment~"

"I’m always frisky when it comes to you, sweetheart~” Kajmir purred back, batting his eyes at Vanille, “what do you say to dinner tomorrow night~?”

"Right after practice I’m assuming?" Vanille inquired, giggling softly and letting her tendrils swirl over various parts of Kajmir’s bod, "I don’t know, Kajmir, I can’t bear the thought of going to dinner with a man who wears a skirt better than I do.”

"Oh, I promise I’ll be wearing the pants this time around,” he replied nonchalantly, and Vanille could only laugh, and then laugh harder as various other Pokemon in the vicinity gave both her and Kajmir looks that implored the two to please, get a room.

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